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Images of gifure with four arms from early modern book.

Ambroise Paré’s medical ‘monsters’

26/07/2017 | Early Medicine, From the Collections

In the collected works of Ambroise Paré (c. 1510–90), first published in French in 1575, a ‘Book of monsters and prodigies’ appears alongside other subjects including the setting of bones, the identification of parasites, and the treatment of wounds. Paré,… Continue reading

Sketches from a journey across Europe in 1817

14/07/2017 | From the Collections

Two hundred years ago, an English businessman waited nervously at Dover, about to take a leap into the unknown. In July 1817, at the age of 31, Joseph Jackson Lister – a wine merchant and, in his spare time, a… Continue reading

Woodcut of St Birgitta.

Reading and health in the medieval convent

08/06/2017 | Early Medicine

Medieval medicine, based on the writings associated with Hippocrates and Galen, held that health depended on keeping the body’s humours (blood, choler, phlegm and melancholy) in equilibrium. The regulation of the ‘non-naturals’, influences on the body such as the consumption… Continue reading

Opening up the Wellcome Trust corporate archive

04/05/2017 | From the Collections

For the first time Wellcome Library members can request and view material from the Wellcome Trust’s own corporate archive. This is the result of a two year project to turn Wellcome’s corporate records into a public resource available to all.… Continue reading

Greek manuscripts at the Wellcome Library: a symposium and concert

02/05/2017 | Early Medicine, Events and Visits

On Thursday 25 May 2017 the Wellcome Library will host a one-day symposium on its Greek manuscripts, aiming to explore hitherto unknown or very little studied medical texts. Topics will include the diagnosis and therapy of diseases, and the ownership… Continue reading

The fpa: changing opinions on contraception

27/04/2017 | From the Collections

Contraception is a risky business. Where the conception of life is concerned, no one method of family planning is flawless and thus education is key. The fpa is a charity provides information and education so that people can make informed… Continue reading