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A pogonophobe’s view of facial hair in history

23/11/2015 | The Researcher’s View

Writer Lucinda Hawksley provides the seventh in our series of posts for Movember.  The series is commissioned by guest editor and “pogonographer-in-chief” for the month, Dr Alun Withey. My book, Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards, a history of facial hair in portraiture,… Continue reading


The rise and fall of the military moustache

20/11/2015 | The Researcher’s View

Christopher Oldstone-Moore provides the sixth in our series of posts for Movember.  The series was commissioned by guest editor and “pogonographer-in-chief”  Dr Alun Withey. In 1913, the British Army faced a minor revolt within its ranks. Some officers were petitioning… Continue reading

L0025259 A medical practitioner examining urine brought by his patien
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A medical practitioner examining urine brought by his patients. Painted relief after Giotto.
Published:  - 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Humanist self-fashioning and ordinary medical practice

19/11/2015 | Early Medicine, Events and Visits

The next seminar in the 2015–16 History of Pre-Modern Medicine Seminar Series takes place on Tuesday 24th November. Speaker: Professor Michael Stolberg Humanist self-fashioning and ordinary medical practice. The Bohemian physician Georg Handsch (1529–c. 1578) and his notebooks Abstract: The professional identity of… Continue reading

whiskers header 2

Dyeing for whiskers

18/11/2015 | From the Collections

There have always been attempts to curb the hair loss and greyness long associated with ageing. A beard that grew a different colour to the head hair, for example, could be – and still can be – an irritating inconsistency.… Continue reading

Rémi Vincent

Reflecting on our digital developments

17/11/2015 | Digital Developments

It was September 2010 when we started on our journey to build a digital library, kicking off a £19.5 million programme to transform the Wellcome Library into an innovative digital and physical destination. Five years and 20 million images later, how… Continue reading


Civilising the hairy savage in 16th century Ireland

16/11/2015 | The Researcher’s View

To mark Movember, we invited “pogonographer-in-chief” Alun Withey, to commission a month of posts celebrating the history and culture of facial hair. Here’s the fifth in the series, by Clodagh Tait. Hair was a political issue in early modern Ireland.… Continue reading