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V0044760 A lemon plant (Citrus japonica): flowering and fruiting stem
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A lemon plant (Citrus japonica): flowering and fruiting stems. Coloured zincograph, c. 1876, after W. Fitch.
1876 By: Walter Hood FitchPublished: 1862-84]

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

When life gives you lemons…

01/07/2015 | Digital Developments, From the Collections

We have put over 20,000 of our digitised books online and, thanks to full-text searching in the Library catalogue, our digitisation programme is starting to bear fruit for researchers. To prove the point I sought inspiration from our collections on… Continue reading


Beauty is as beauty does

26/06/2015 | From the Collections

Popular culture is full of ‘beautiful people’, and it seems that people who are considered good-looking are privileged by society in terms of money and status. A recent book, Beauty Pays, uses this as its central argument, however, it is… Continue reading

Alchemical furnaces

Alchemy and the quest for long life: Wellcome MS. 446

23/06/2015 | Early Medicine, From the Collections

Alchemy, with its cryptic language and fantastic symbolism, evokes many aspects of the culture of the Middle Ages. In alchemical manuscripts, drawings of alembics, funnels and furnaces vividly represent this long lost art. Alchemy’s goal of transmuting base metal into… Continue reading


Peter the Wild Boy

22/06/2015 | From the Collections

The Heberden archive (Library reference SA/HEB) has recently been catalogued and is available for consultation in the Library. While it mostly relates to rheumatism and arthritis, it also includes a collection of historic medical manuscripts, which were put together by… Continue reading


Tracking refugees in history

20/06/2015 | From the Collections

On World Refugee Day, we remember that refugees have always been with us. Doctors and health workers have worked with refugees throughout history – many have personal experiences as asylum seekers and migrants themselves. You can find traces of many… Continue reading


Wounds from the Battle of Waterloo

18/06/2015 | From the Collections

A “damned near-run thing” said the Duke of Wellington on his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. The Battle of Waterloo was the the bloody finale of the French Emperor’s 100-day reign. While Napoleon was exiled to… Continue reading