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Libraries can be good for your health

06/02/2016 | In the Library

On National Libraries Day (February 6), Andy Wright, the Wellcome/Public Libraries Project Lead tells us about the role of public libraries in supporting health and well-being. I’m currently on the most amazing adventure of a secondment based at the Wellcome… Continue reading


Madame Ruppert’s beauty secrets

03/02/2016 | The Researcher’s View

A box of confectionery arrived at the green room of the Princess’s Theatre, Oxford Street, on 6 November 1894… with no well-wishes attached. Madame Anna Ruppert, starring in ‘Robbery Under Arms’, ate a considerable quantity of sweets. The next day,… Continue reading

Bishop in 16th century manuscript

Bishops and medicine in medieval England

01/02/2016 | Early Medicine

Many bishops in medieval England possessed medical knowledge, but that did not mean that such knowledge was always viewed as a desirable quality in a bishop. In 1114, King Henry I of England decided that Faritius, abbot of Abingdon, should… Continue reading


Bond villains and criminal anthropology

30/01/2016 | From the Collections

Amongst the Libary’s collection of fiction is a copy of Dr No, featuring the redoubtable secret agent, James Bond, created by the ex-Naval Intelligence Officer, Ian Fleming. Both the cinematic and literary worlds of Bond are inhabited by vividly imagined… Continue reading

Friar in apothecary

The medicine of the friars in late medieval England

28/01/2016 | Early Medicine, Events and Visits

The next seminar in the 2015–16 History of Pre-Modern Medicine Seminar Series takes place on Tuesday 2 February. Speaker: Peter Jones (University of Cambridge) The medicine of the friars in late medieval England Abstract: Compared to occupational groups like physicians, surgeons, barbers, apothecaries and… Continue reading

L0070285 A temple with a fountain
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A temple with a fountain, representing sandbath treatment for gout and other diseases at Bad Köstritz. Colour lithograph attributed to P. Scheurich, ca. 1910.
1910 By: Paul ScheurichPublished: [ca. 1910]

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

A gift from the dead of 1945

27/01/2016 | From the Collections

January brings to the UK not only storms and floods but also a benefit to users of historical collections: copyright expiry. At midnight on 31 December 2015, the copyrights of people who had died in 1945 expired, and it became… Continue reading