• melville-feat

    Melville Mackenzie and the Origins of Global Health


    ‘Global Health’ is very much in the news with the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. We tend to take the notion of such global health initiatives for granted now but David MacFadyen’s research reminds us that this was not always… Continue reading

  • L0076781 Sir Henry Wellcome and J. Baiz, his guide

    Henry Wellcome in the Heart of the Andes


    As today’s anniversary of Sir Henry Wellcome’s birth falls at a time of the year when many of our readers may still be on holiday, I thought we would take this opportunity to discuss Wellcome’s travels. In particular, I wanted to… Continue reading

  • etymologies-feat

    Spotlight: A medieval encyclopaedia


    The Etymologies of Isidore, bishop of Seville, which he began to write in Latin before 620 AD, is one of the earliest Western encyclopaedias. After Isidore’s death in 636, his student Braulio, bishop of Zaragoza, edited the final text. Based… Continue reading

  • L0015799 Photograph: the Wellcome Institute Library, 1983

    Welcome Back to the Gallery Area in the Library!


    We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be reopening the gallery area on the third floor to Library users on Monday 18 August. You’ll once again have full access to the open shelf History of Medicine collection as books from shelfmarks … Continue reading

  • vintage suitcases Photo credit: Victoria Pickering

    The Well-travelled Archive


    With summer holidays in full swing some of us may be lucky enough to be acquiring a new stamp in our passports en route to an exotic destination. Just like the stamps in our passports, or the travel stickers that… Continue reading

  • B0009516 Anaesthesia, artwork

    The Hip Experience!


    Artist Mary Rouncefield relates the story of her hip replacement operation in words and pictures. All of her compelling watercolour and ink drawings are available in Wellcome Images. At home indoors for a couple of weeks after the operation, I… Continue reading

  • V0011546 A doctor on the telephone (which is linked up to a televisio

    Help Us Improve Our Website


    At the Wellcome Library, we’re always looking to improve users’ experience on our website, whether searching for a book, reading a digitised archive or downloading an image. We’re currently inviting users to carry out remote usability testing on our website. We… Continue reading

  • L0030581 WMS 5484, Florence Nightingale

    Florence Nightingale Digitisation News


    Two more digitised items have been added to the Florence Nightingale Digitization Project: an album relating to her services in the Crimea compiled by Mrs Shore, possibly her relative, and the manuscript notes of conversations with Nightingale, taken by her relative… Continue reading

  • Fanny Grimaldi

    Spotlight: the tragic life of Fanny Grimaldi


    Marie-Françoise (called Fanny) Dupré de Birkenwald was born in 1780 into an old Alsace family. Her father was a scholar and man of letters, despite having lost the sight of both eyes (one in warfare, the other through natural decay).… Continue reading

  • L0031335 The dead alive! H. Wigstead 1784

    Is Medical History Dead?


    Is medical history dead? So suggests Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, in a recent comment piece (unless you’re a Wellcome Library member you’ll need to register to read it or pay $31.50 to rent the page for a day).… Continue reading