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Wound man in 1495 printed book.

Wound man Part 2: afterlives

18/08/2016 | Early Medicine, From the Collections

The remarkable manuscript image of the wound man did not die with the medieval medical world that created it, finding a rich afterlife in the Renaissance and beyond. With the adoption of new print technologies in the second half of… Continue reading

Wound man image.

Wound man Part 1: origins

12/08/2016 | Early Medicine, From the Collections

The ‘wound man’ is an enigmatic and troubling figure from the world of medieval and early modern medical manuscripts.     Staring impassively out of the page, he bears a multitude of graphic wounds. His skin is covered in bleeding… Continue reading


How to survive the dog-days of summer

10/08/2016 | From the Collections

Are you wilting under the heliacal rising of Sirius, Orion’s best friend, otherwise known as the ‘dog-days of summer‘?  Whether or not you have modern air conditioning (or servants to fan your heated brow), history provides us with a number of examples… Continue reading


Some fatherly advice from the king

08/08/2016 | From the Collections

What right do we have to subject our children to potentially dangerous medical intervention in the interests of sparing them from a devastating disease that they may never contract? In the early 18th century several British royal children were inoculated… Continue reading


What did the Victorians make of spectacles?

04/08/2016 | The Researcher’s View

Nowadays spectacles are commonplace, but in the 19th century some commentators were alarmed by their proliferation. The author of the ‘Health, Beauty and the Toilet’ column, for example, asked “WHY do we see so many children wearing glasses now-a-days, when… Continue reading

V0010933 A foppish medical student smoking a cigarette, a tankard is
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A foppish medical student smoking a cigarette, a tankard is on top of his medical books; denoting a cavalier attitude. Lithograph, 1854.
1854 Published:  - 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Tales of medical students heading for Paris

29/07/2016 | From the Collections

British tourists and travellers heading by road for Paris and points beyond for the summer are likely to take the autoroute. Not so long ago however the principal route was the old RN 1 which took the traveller from Calais… Continue reading