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    Wellcome Images in the classroom


    Rosalyn Taylor tells us about a Wellcome Trust Education Department project to promote the use of our digital images in schools. Teachers tell us that Wellcome Images is full of beautiful, informative and useful images for their classes. Impressed by… Continue reading

  • B0004944 Three AIDS ribbonsCredit: Stevie Taylor. Wellcome Imagesimages@wellcome.ac.ukhttp://wellcomeimages.orgThree AIDS ribbons.Artist's title: Even the ribbons are different.Drawing1997 Published:  - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 4.0, see http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/page/Prices.html

    The Discovery of AIDS in Zambia


    “God created AIDS to punish sinners” and similar negative phrases often spring to mind when thinking of the Church and AIDS. However, this is a view taken by a minority of Christians. Many more have been involved in the fight… Continue reading

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    “We fought and bled at Loos”


    In the popular view of the Western Front in World War I, 1915 can be something of a forgotten year. By the end of 1914 and the famous Christmas truces, the trench network stretched from the Jura to the Channel,… Continue reading

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    Who’s reading our blog?


    We’re planning some exciting new developments to the Wellcome Library blog and we’d like to take your views into account. Whether you are a regular reader, an occasional visitor, or you’ve just discovered us, we’d like to hear from you.… Continue reading

  • L0040124 Experiments in physiology. Expression: ferocious cruelty

    Spotlight: an artistic expression of science


    Some items in our collections are intriguing because they sit on disciplinary boundaries or ‘blend’ traditionally polarised subjects such as art and science. This photograph represents a combination of the embryonic field of neurology, Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and the practice… Continue reading

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    The western front and London’s rain


    On first impressions, rainfall may not be something you would expect Medical Officers of Health (MOH) to pay particular attention to – particularly rainfall in London during World War One.  However, the following example from our digitised MOH reports resource London’s Pulse… Continue reading

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    The Morbid Anatomy Anthology


    The ‘Morbid Anatomy Anthology’, is a collection of essays by scholars, artists and writers “working along the intersections of the history of anatomy and medicine, death and the macabre, religion and spectacle”. Carla Valentine from Barts Pathology Museum tells us what… Continue reading

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    Melville Mackenzie and the Origins of Global Health


    ‘Global Health’ is very much in the news with the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. We tend to take the notion of such global health initiatives for granted now but David MacFadyen’s research reminds us that this was not always… Continue reading

  • L0076781 Sir Henry Wellcome and J. Baiz, his guide

    Henry Wellcome in the Heart of the Andes


    As today’s anniversary of Sir Henry Wellcome’s birth falls at a time of the year when many of our readers may still be on holiday, I thought we would take this opportunity to discuss Wellcome’s travels. In particular, I wanted to… Continue reading

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    Spotlight: A medieval encyclopaedia


    The Etymologies of Isidore, bishop of Seville, which he began to write in Latin before 620 AD, is one of the earliest Western encyclopaedias. After Isidore’s death in 636, his student Braulio, bishop of Zaragoza, edited the final text. Based… Continue reading