• V0007350 Three wild born people, all with goitre. Engraving, 1787.

    Hooked in by the (Derby) neck


    Intriguing images are useful in capturing the attention; they could make a difference to whether or not a person takes an interest in what you have to say. Take the image below, seen in my local paper; you can imagine… Continue reading

  • dustheapfeatured

    Flushed with achievement


    Wednesday November 19th is World Toilet Day. For readers in the developed world, this conjures up images of gleaming white porcelain and a hole down which bodily waste vanishes swiftly to be dealt with, somewhere, by someone else: a machine,… Continue reading

  • jesterfeatured

    Approaches to intellectual disability in the Middle Ages


    The fourth seminar in the 2014-15 History of Pre-Modern Medicine academic seminar series, will take place on Tuesday 25th November. Speaker: Dr Irina Metzler (Swansea University) ‘Approaches to intellectual disability in the Middle Ages: Thinking about ‘fools’ and ‘idiots” Abstract: Physical disability… Continue reading

  • V0015684 A monster representing an influenza virus hitting a man over

    Snuffing potash to ward off flu


    Professor Barry Doyle discusses how the Library’s online public health resource, London’s Pulse, enabled him to do new research into the influenza epidemic of 1918, and shares his findings with us. With the centenary of the First World War and… Continue reading

  • goggles-feat1

    A commemoration of Armistice Day


    As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, an exhibition catalogue in the Library’s collections takes us back to 1968 and the 50th anniversary of Armistice Day: the official end of the War on 11… Continue reading

  • L0051469 Tallamy, Rebecca. Her book of Receipts

    Researching medicine in recipe books


    Researcher Katherine Allen is using recipe manuscripts to study domestic medicine in the 18th century. I first came upon the topic of recipe books as sources for the history of medicine during my master’s degree at the University of Saskatchewan.… Continue reading

  • Johnsoncrop.jpg

    Retail therapy: selling and buying drugs in the ancient world


    The third seminar in the 2014-15 History of Pre-Modern Medicine academic seminar series, will take place on Tuesday 11th November. Speaker: Dr Laurence Totelin (Cardiff University) ‘Retail Therapy: Selling and buying drugs in the ancient world’ Abstract: Selling and buying drugs, whether… Continue reading

  • B0003932 Illustration of hands reaching out

    A vision for online library services – what do you think?


    Tell us your thoughts! The Wellcome Library is working with a group of UK academic libraries to develop our vision for and delivery of online library services. We want to understand how you are currently using online library resources and… Continue reading

  • V0046729 Japanese masks: six masks

    Hell is empty and all the devils are here


    In the Library’s Art Collection is a wealth of Japanese iconographic works. Of fiendish interest to us this Halloween, is one fascinating print featuring the demons of Japanese folklore and mythology. The woodcut print by Kunisada Utagawa above features six Japanese masks.… Continue reading

  • L0004703EA Watercolour of Shen Nung, Chinese deity of Medicine etc.

    Spotlight: the legend of the Divine Farmer


    This c.1920 watercolour is a copy of an ancient original and can be found in the Library’s Art Collection, along with other visual material featuring the Shen Nong. Legend has it that Shen Nong (神农), or ‘Divine Farmer’, was one… Continue reading