• W0040845 Female mosquito on bednet

    Net values: mosquitoes and malaria


    Malaria kills around half a million people a year, most of them children under five. World Malaria Day, 25 April, is an annual reminder that the war against this killer disease continues. Since the 19th century there has been a… Continue reading

  • wbd-feat

    A high class book of reference


    Here is an entertaining guide to Our Daily Fare and How to Provide It, for World Book Day. This book is aimed at the average housewife stuck at home in 1893 and limited to a “small weekly household allowance” of… Continue reading

  • V0023752 A mechanized, shaft-driven printing-press, tended by workmen

    Introducing MobilePrint


    From 22 April until the end of May the Wellcome Library is running a trial of MobilePrint, a service that allows Library members to print from their laptop, tablet or smartphone over wifi. The advantage of this service is that… Continue reading

  • pioneer-health-centre-feat

    The Pioneer Health Centre and positive health


    A perennial favourite of researchers in the archival collections of the Wellcome Library is the archive of the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham, including the papers of its founders, George Scott Williamson and Innes Hope Pearse. Now thanks to a couple of recently… Continue reading

  • arms-feat

    Spotlight: a chevron between three gadflies


    Jacques Auguste de Thou (1553-1617) was a man who evidently took great pride in his library. In his will he forbade his descendants to sell or otherwise dispose of any part of a collection that “for fully forty years he… Continue reading

  • proquestfeat

    Digitising our incunabula: final phase of the early European printed books project


    We’re nearing the end of our early European printed books digitisation project with ProQuest. After four years of digitisation, nearly 3.8 million images have been captured from 8,850 volumes published outside the UK before 1701. In the final phase of… Continue reading

  • gartnavel-feat1

    The care of pauper lunatics in Glasgow


    Gartnavel Royal Hospital is one of the institutions in our project to digitise mental health archives selected from across the UK, and make them freely available through the Wellcome Library catalogue. As the Gartnavel records begin to appear online, Archivist … Continue reading

  • L0032150 Unhygienic practices which lead to cholera. Colour lithograp

    You are what you eat: food safety


    In 2015 the focus of  World Health Day – 7 April – is food safety. The Wellcome Library has a wealth of material on food (some of which is available digitally); here are some examples on food safety, from disease… Continue reading

  • typhoidfeatured

    Can big data and the digital humanities change the way we study the history of medicine?


    On 11-13 April 2016 the Wellcome Library will join forces with the National Library of Medicine and Virginia Tech to deliver a free workshop for researchers in the history of medicine and digital humanities. Images and Texts in Medical History:… Continue reading

  • L0011301 Insane patient in a strait-waistcoat.

    Setting the record straight: maniac or sick man?


    Researcher Jon Mitchell searched the Retreat archives in pursuit of John Summerland, an asylum patient whose story figures in histories of madness and mental health. What he found was a lost reputation. Like so many undergraduates, the first time I came… Continue reading