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As part of an event to celebrate the launch of the new issue of One Eye Grey, tonight in the Cuming Museum, Ross MacFarlane, Research Officer, Wellcome Library, will give a short talk on Edward Lovett and his collection of folklore objects.

Lovett collected thousands of healing objects from around the world during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, with one main area of interest being the beliefs of working class Londoners.

Lovett’s collection is now spread across many museums in the UK, though some of the items he collected are on display in the Medicine Man gallery of Wellcome Collection. The Wellcome Library also holds detailed correspondence between Lovett and the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, on the acquisition of parts of his collection.

(Shown above is a blue bead necklace, collected by Lovett and on display in Medicine Man. It was worn to protect against Bronchitis)

Phoebe Harkins

Phoebe Harkins is Library Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.

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