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The Wellcome Library held a reception on 18 September to mark the retirement of Professor Vivian Nutton, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL.

Professor Nutton is acknowledged as one of the foremost experts in the ancient history of medicine, with his main field of research being based around the works of the Greek physician Galen of Pergamum (129–216/7 AD). He has published widely and continuously, with his work Ancient Medicine (2004) recognized as the best summary of medicine from early Greece to late Antiquity.

Professor Nutton has taught at the Wellcome Trust Centre – formerly the Wellcome Institute – since 1977, and also has been one of the Library’s most consistent users in that time. A noted lecturer, Professor Nutton has also been a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time (his appearances on episodes discussing The Four Humors and The Brain and are still available online for UK listeners).

We wish Professor Nutton a long and happy retirement: one that still allows for occasional visits to the Wellcome Library.

Phoebe Harkins

Phoebe Harkins is Library Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.

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