Sex Ed: New Aural Pleasures

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Outer hair cells and Deiter's cells in the cochlea Wellcome Images No. B0006136

Outer hair cells and Deiter’s cells in the cochlea
                                             Wellcome Images No. B0006136

On occasion our holdings throw up some odd bed fellows. Yes, the library covers much in the way of sex and drugs but not so much rock and roll. Hence my delight to discover a nice musical example that mixes new and old media.

The joy of sex education, a DVD anthology spanning 60 years of instructional films, features new scores by none other than Dave Formula – member of recently re-formed British Post-Punk band Magazine. His edgy compositions feature on two pieces from the thirties and a 1917 short aimed at Canadian troops. Whatsoever a man soweth is the cautionary tale of young Dick who is treated to a guided hospital tour by Dr Burns on the outcomes of VD. Formula’s hypnotic, laid back jazzy soundtrack underpins this remarkably graphic and ultimately tragic drama-documentary, fusing a modern spin on the age-old problems of STDs. The image is of outer hair cells and Deiter’s cells in the cochlea.

Author: Danny Rees

Danny Rees

Danny Rees

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