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How do you spot a liar? What features do aggressive hockey players have in common? Calling all seekers of the shady secrets of face-reading, this is your chance to delve into a centuries old world of knowledge known to its practitioners as Physiognomy.

See its powerful influence across many cultures and wonder at the free ‘teeth and ears’ guide. Your host for this adventure in human character is awaiting you at the Wellcome Library. Just turn up on Thursday 3rd December in time for a 3.00pm start for Fascinating Faces, the talk lasts for an hour in the viewing room. You may never look at people the same way again…

Danny Rees

Danny Rees

Hi, I am Danny Rees, an Engagement Officer for the Wellcome Library, one of my interests is the human face; its physiognomy, expressions and ideas about what constitutes beauty. When not at work I enjoy the Kent countryside and consider radio to be one of the best things in life.

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