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In the wake of taking on board the recommendations from the Buckley/Tanner report, we needed to start looking at how we would actually create these JPEG 2000s as part of our digitisation workflow. As the JP2K-UK group meeting showed us, there is not a lot of knowledge in our industry regarding to the tools we could use – not only for creating the JPEG 2000s in the first place, but also for managing, displaying and converting them back into other (browser-friendly, for example) formats. We knew of a few tools, but wanted a more thorough understanding of the possibilities.

We turned to software engineer Richard Clark, who was deeply involved in the JPEG Committee and has worked on the JPEG 2000 technology. Richard is based in the UK, and currently owns Elysium Ltd., offering software and IT support solutions to businesses and organisations. Richard Clark was asked to deliver a half-day workshop for those Wellcome Library staff that would be involved in implementing our JPEG 2000 solution.

The workshop focused on options for the practical implementation of JPEG 2000, and the situation regarding software support for the format. He also touched on the workflow issues we need to be aware of and address in planning our strategy. The workshop helped us determine which solution would work best for us – as will be described in subsequent posts on this blog. You can read a version of his presentation as embedded in this post. Richard also shared with us some of the more technical details from his presentation at the British Library in 2007, available on Scribd.

Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw manages digitisation at the Wellcome Library. @Chenshaw. Linkedin

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