Eugenics Review : digitised and freely available through PMC

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The complete archive of the Eugenics Review journal – from 1909 through to 1968 when the title ceased – has been digitised through the Wellcome Library’s Backfile Digitisation Project, and is now freely available at PubMed Central.

As the official journal of the Eugenics Education Society (later known as just the Eugenics Society) , the Review published papers written by prominent members of the eugenics movement, including  Francis Galton, Julian Huxley and Major Leonard Darwin.

The Eugenics Society was founded  to promote public awareness of eugenic problems, i.e. the existence of hereditary qualities both positive and negative, and the need to encourage social responsibility with respect to these qualities.

The Wellcome Library also holds the archives of the Eugenics Society.

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  • saynsumthn


    Great to know- can't wait to comb thru them. In case you want a great film on eugenics, I suggest you watch Maafa21. See clip here

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