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Hot on the heels of this week’s Classic Rock Awards in London comes the revelation that surgeons use music to promote an atmosphere of calm during operations, including songs by the Eagles (truly ‘Classic’) and David Bowie. This was never a particularly well-kept secret but one surgeon recently revealed that he programmed a series of his favourite 5 minute tunes especially for the tricky removal of a prostate. This gave him an audible way of marking time as the procedure took about 25 minutes.
You can listen to music inspired by DNA held in the Library or even read about the history of music therapy here. All together now, “the first cut is the deepest…” I know that’s terribly cliched, so please feel free to post me your better efforts…
Danny Rees

Danny Rees

Hi, I am Danny Rees, an Engagement Officer for the Wellcome Library, one of my interests is the human face; its physiognomy, expressions and ideas about what constitutes beauty. When not at work I enjoy the Kent countryside and consider radio to be one of the best things in life.

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