Invisible women? The Scientists people don’t see

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The George Hay Lecture is given every year at the British National Science Fiction Convention.  The lecture is given by a working scientist or exponent of science, on the subject of current work in his or her field.

This year’s lecture, Invisible women? The Scientists people don’t see was given by Dr Lesley Hall, Senior Archivist at the Wellcome Library.  Dr Hall’s lecture is now available online and discusses the different roles played by women throughout the history of science and how many of their achievements have not recieved due credit.
The lecture draws on material from archive collections held in the Wellcome Library, such as those of the epidemiologist Alice Stewart, birth control pioneer Marie Stopes and nutritionists Dame Harriette Chick and Elsie Widdowson and also gives an indication of the thrill of discovery which often accompanies the cataloguing of personal papers.

Image: Dame Harriette Chick (from SA/LIS/R.18)

Ross Macfarlane

Ross Macfarlane is the Research Engagement Officer at the Wellcome Library.

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