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Amongst other causes for celebration, 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, founded in 1887 by Queen Victoria in the year of her own Golden Jubilee. It received its royal charter in 1889 when it became Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Institute for Nurses. A Queen has been patron ever since. Apparently the current incumbent, who (or so we hear) also has some sort of anniversary this year, takes a great interest in community nursing.

So, while you are organising your street party, drinking a cuppa from your limited edition celebration mug or eagerly waving your union jack as the royal cavalcade sweeps into town, bear a thought for “the women of England” who, in a previous Jubilee year, not only raised enough money to commission a set of jewellery for their Queen, but also to present her with an additional £70,000, which she chose to spend in support of district nursing.


The Wellcome Library has housed the Queen’s Nursing Institute’s rich archives since 1991, so we were delighted that it chose to celebrate with a reception in our Reading Room on May 22nd. It was good to see nurses, nurse leaders and historians of nursing coming together to celebrate the Institute’s long history.

More information about what the Institute has planned for the rest of their anniversary year, is available through their website.

Top Image: Cover of booklet on the Liverpool Queen Victoria District Nursing Association, showing Queen presenting badges to a line of nurses in uniform (SA/QNI/X.38/1)

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