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London is going to be busier than ever over the coming weeks as the city plays host to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With thousands of visitors coming to the capital delays are anticipated on public transport during the peak Olympic periods.

If you’re planning to visit the Library in person you may find that your journey is affected by the increased levels on traffic of public transport in and around London.

The Get Ahead of the Games website provides travel advice to highlight travel hotspots and will help you to plan in advance to make your journey as smooth as possible.The station impact summaries for the nearest stations to the Wellcome Library provide some indication of the anticipated busiest times which you should bear in mind when you are planning your visit.

We are aiming to offer our normal levels of service during the Games periods, but there may be times when service levels are affected due to logistical issues outwith our control. We will be using our social media channels to update visitors so please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and you can always call and email us to check on opening hours and orders etc.

The key dates are:

27 July – 12 August: Olympic Games

28 August – 9 September: Paralympic Games

If you’re making a special visit to look at materials which are held offsite we are advising that you pre-order your materials before the Games start, just to be on the safe side. The vast majority of our collections are onsite and will be fully accessible during the Games, but some of our journal collections have to be brought in from remote storage. In order to minimise the risk of delivery problems we advise you to let us know as early as possible if they plan to look at materials which are in offsite storage, so do get in touch!

Phoebe Harkins

Phoebe Harkins is Library Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.

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