Little book of wobbling Christmas delights

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Illustrated recipes: 'Minted Pineapple'. Wellcome Images No.L0072307.

Illustrated recipes: ‘Minted Pineapple’. Wellcome Images No.L0072307.

Inspired by the the shimmering beauty of Bompas and Parr’s jellies, the Wellcome Library invites you to enter its collection of food industry advertising this Christmas and give yourself up to the Joys of JELL-O.

Published in the USA in c1967 by General Foods Corporation, this pamphlet is an endlessly surprising treasure-trove of sweet and savoury (and sometimes both at the same time) jelly recipes.

St Paul’s Cathedral by Bompas & Parr (photo by Greta Ilieva)

Just as Bompas and Parr’s delicate creations reproduce famous landmarks, the Quick Tomato Mold (above right) evokes a range of architectural assocations. Imagine perhaps that you are eating a fallen classical column.  Or a cylindrical pop-up home. Or even an industrial gas holder, lying sideways on a sprig of parsley.

A delight for all the senses, the tomato jelly’s iridescent hue draws the eye, its tactile simplicity invites the spoon.  We can only imagine the satisfying plop with which it is demoulded from its can, or the piquancy of its ingredients as they dissolves on the tongue.

To find out for certain this Christmas, simply follow these steps  and amaze your family and friends:


Helen Wakely

Helen Wakely is Archives Project Manager at the Wellcome Library.

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