Flying machines, steam engines and operating theatres

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The Wellcome Library has contributed over 40 images and films to Science and Machines, the new online exhibition from the European Library.

A large flying machine with sails and propellers is travelling over a town

Wellcome Library no. 36678i

The Wellcome’s contribution highlights both medically-related material, such as the film Aseptic operating theatre technique, as well as subjects you might not associate with the Library. For example, did you know that we had an image of a large flying machine with sails and propellers travelling over a town?

As the exhibition’s press release explains:

“This virtual exhibition brings to light many of the hopes and beliefs of former generations,” said Geert Vanpaemel, a physicist and science historian at Belgium’s University of Leuven.

“Steam engines and railroads, electric lights and airplanes, the telegraph, typewriter, motion pictures and plastics were just some of the significant inventions during this unique moment in history, when man seemed able to control his own world and to improve his living
conditions beyond limits.”

Natalie Pollecutt

Natalie Pollecutt is Library Systems Officer at the Wellcome Library.

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