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Micrograph of early human embryos

A collection of early human embryos at different stages. M. Johnson. Wellcome Images B0004614

As part of the Wellcome Collection Development Plan, we are taking the opportunity to simplify the arrangement of books in the Library by reducing both the number of distinct collections and the number of classification schemes in use. Books from the Medicine and Society Collection are being integrated into our other collections, and reclassifed as they move.

The Medicine and Society Collection was established in the early 1990s, aimed at audiences interested in contemporary interactions between biomedical science, medicine, health and society. As it has grown and developed, it has increasingly overlapped in scope with both the Medical Collection and the History of Medicine Collection , and the boundaries between the collections have become less distinct.

What is going where?

We have already moved several hundred books into the History of Medicine Collection, including:

  • Biography, memoir, illness narratives and fiction  – both texts and graphic novels
  • Exhibition catalogues and art books
  • Philosophy of science
  • Religion

The remaining books – several thousand items – are currently being moved into the Medical Collection. These include:

  • Science, especially biomedical science
  • Medicine, illness, health and wellbeing, public health
  • Biotechnology
  • Social, ethical, economic and policy aspects of biomedicine and health
  • Public attitudes and behaviour surrounding biomedicine and health
  • Public engagement and popular science

How long will it take?

We expect to have the books fully integrated into their new locations and classifications in October 2013. You can still find specific books through the Library catalogues, or just ask a member of staff if you need any assistance in the Library.

Author: Elizabeth Graham, Librarian of Contemporary Printed Research Collections

Elizabeth Graham

Elizabeth Graham is Contemporary Printed Research Collections Librarian at the Wellcome Library.

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