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Since the launch of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics  in March earlier this year, we have continued to add content to our digital library at a growing pace. Our Medical Officer of Health (MOH) report project has seen nearly 500,000 images added, while digitisation of the RAMC collection brought over 120,000 images into the online archives collection. One more brand-new genetics-related collection from our own holdings will soon be digitised too: the papers of molecular biologist Alan Coulson.

We have also been adding in new 3rd party archive content from other organisations over the past 6 months, including more Sydney Brenner and James Watson papers, and finishing off James Renwick and Maurice Wilkins. We are just about to start ingesting some new 3rd party archives related to Lionel Penrose and Frances Galton.

Our repository can be roughly divided into quarters as seen below. With the exception of a small number of archive items deemed too sensitive for online display (but preserved in our digital repository), all these images are available freely online via the Wellcome Library website. To find digitised content, search the Library catalogues for a topic and limit your search using the ‘Digitised content’  link under ‘Location’ on the left hand menu.

From late 2013 onward we’ll be starting a new phase of mass digitisation, so look out for announcements of some exciting new projects.

Pie chart showing proportion of collections in the digital library

Pie chart showing proportion of collections in the digital library

Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw manages digitisation at the Wellcome Library. @Chenshaw. Linkedin

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