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This week we’re launching a new scheme to help Wellcome Library users make their research freely available to everyone.

The Wellcome Library is a free resource and is open to anyone who wants to use our collections. We know that lots of our users publish the outcome of their Library research. We want to encourage and support this research, and to ensure that it can be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The Wellcome Trust has a long-standing commitment to Open Access, and provides funding to grant-holders to help them make their research accessible. We’re extending this principle to users of the Wellcome Library in a new scheme aimed at independent scholars, as well as students and university-based researchers who don’t have funding to cover the costs of open-access publishing.

The new Wellcome Library Open Access Fund is (and will always be) entirely voluntary – it’s up to library users whether they want to take advantage of it. We will pay the costs associated with open-access publishing for peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly monographs or book chapters aimed at academic audiences. To qualify, you’ll need to have made substantial use of our collections; to have had your research accepted for publication; and to be ineligible for open-access funding from any other source. For more details, visit

Author: Dr Simon Chaplin, Head of the Wellcome Library

Simon Chaplin

Simon Chaplin is Director of Culture & Society at the Wellcome Library.

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