The 2014 Wellcome Image Awards

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The winners of the 2014  Wellcome Image Awards were announced at a ceremony at the Wellcome Trust’s HQ in London this week.

The awards, which celebrate the very best in science photography and imaging, were hosted by BBC Medical Correspondent – and member of the judging panel – Fergus Walsh. There were a total of 18 winning images this year, created by a diverse range of scientists, artists and photographers.


“What has someone just said to that zebrafish?” asks host Fergus Walsh.

The prize for the overall winning image was awarded to Professor Anders Persson, Director of the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) at Linköping University in Sweden.

The image shows the chest of a patient who received a mechanical heart pump (coloured blue) while waiting for a heart transplant. Virtual ‘slices’ of the patient’s chest were created using X-rays in a specialised type of CT scan. The images were then put together to create a 3D digital model that can be rotated, virtually cut into and magnified as required.

For more details of Anders’ image see Dr Sabrina Taner’s report on the awards on the Wellcome Trust blog.

The images have had amazing coverage over the past few days, including a BBC audio slideshow, and pieces in the Guardian  Wired UK and New Scientist .

To see all 18 winning images visit the Wellcome Image Awards website. The winning images will also be on display in the windows of the Wellcome Trust’s headquarters in London and at the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge during the Cambridge Science Festival.

For the first time you’ll also be able to see all the winning images in simultaneous public exhibitions at four major science centres across the UK: the Glasgow Science Centre, the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester, Techniquest  in Cardiff and W5 in Belfast.

Author: Phoebe Harkins is Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.


Phoebe Harkins

Phoebe Harkins is Library Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.

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