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Just over a year ago we introduced the ability to search the full-text of a proportion of our digitised items through the Library’s catalogue. We have now added PDF documents to the list of items you can search full-text.

This means you can search the content of these documents –  not just the catalogue records about them.

You don’t have to do anything special: search as normal and you’ll get more relevant results. But, you can use ‘Search Found In: Full-Text’ from the options in the left hand menu. This narrows your results to searching within the full-text of an item.

Search Found In Full-Text

Search Found In Full-Text facet

Once you open a record, click the full-text snippet to view your choice in full.

Full-text search results for controversy icelandic health sector database

Full-text search results for the phrase ‘controversy icelandic health sector database’

We now have over 2.3 million pages in about 20,500 items that are fully searchable, and we increase these figures all the time.

Author: Natalie Pollecutt is Library Systems Officer at Wellcome Library.

Natalie Pollecutt

Natalie Pollecutt is Library Systems Officer at the Wellcome Library.

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