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The Wellcome Library, as part of the Wellcome Trust, is changing how you log in to our website. We are asking everyone who wants to log in online to have a username, email address, and password for their account. This change ensures your account is secure, and paves the way for you to only have to log in once to get access to many of our online services and resources on the Library and the Wellcome Trust websites.


If you are a current Library member, the first time you log in you will be asked to supply a username or password if there isn’t one already in your Library account. After that you’ll be able to log in as usual. Many of you have already taken advantage of having a username that’s meaningful to you, rather than logging in with a Library-supplied membership number.

Having your email address means we can email you to activate and manage your online account. This improves security: only you can change your Library account because only you have access to your emails.

Natalie Pollecutt

Natalie Pollecutt is Library Systems Officer at the Wellcome Library.

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