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Angela Saward

Angela Saward is curator of the Moving Image and Sound Collection at the Wellcome Library.

  • A gift for Disability History Month


    A Gift for Love is a film about a seven-year-old girl, Judy, played by Amanda Humby, finding her mother the perfect Christmas present with the 6 shillings and 8 pence in her money box. The only problem is that they… Continue reading

  • Film archives at risk


    World Day for Audiovisual Heritage falls on 27 October and the slogan for this year’s celebration is “Archives at Risk: Protecting the World’s Identities“. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced that all of the world’s… Continue reading

  • Brett: then and now


    Roger Graef is a distinguished theatre producer, documentary film maker and founder of the production company Films of Record. He curated a programme of films around science on film for the 75th anniversary of the Wellcome Trust in 2011. It… Continue reading

  • Lazaretto: an Adventure in Music and Film


    How an unusual request regarding one of our digitised films led to a mystery night out for our moving image curator: The US musician Jack White (formerly of the White Stripes) recently launched a new album, ‘Lazaretto’. Lazaretto is also… Continue reading

  • An Iron Lung for Polio


    A recently broadcast BBC television programme, The Battle to Beat Polio, features historical footage from a Wellcome Library film. The film in question is The Both Mechanical Respirator, 1939 and it has an interesting story of its own. Polio or… Continue reading

  • Animated Wit: the work of Joy Batchelor


    To mark the centenary of the pioneering animator Joy Batchelor, Moving Image and Sound curator Angela Saward discusses one of her films – The Five – and relates daughter Vivien’s account of her mother’s life and work.  One of the… Continue reading

  • The Contact


    For 2013, the theme of UK Disability History Month (22nd November to 22nd December) is: Celebrating our struggle for independent living: no return to institutions or isolation. Such issues were nascent in the early 1960s and surface in a film called… Continue reading

  • Doctors abroad: travel & far flung places


    In honour of home movie day on 19th October, we have created a playlist on the Wellcome Library’s youtube channel of amateur films shot by doctors and others on their travels. The earliest footage, A day at Gebel Moya, briefly… Continue reading

  • Film of the month: Abdominal hysterectomy for pyosalpinx


    This is a fragment of a longer film (the original length was 502 feet which is about 6 minutes) depicting the surgical removal of the uterus (a hysterectomy) in close-up. Pysosalpinx relates to the fallopian tube being blocked by pus.… Continue reading

  • Doctors on the box


    It seems that you can hardly switch on the TV these days without stumbling across a fly-on-the-wall documentary set amidst the high octane drama of an A&E department, or someone willing to have the details of their intimate surgery broadcast… Continue reading