Author: Carly Dakin

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Carly Dakin

Carly Dakin is Clinical Collections Coordinator for Wellcome Images.

  • Henry Wellcome: pioneer in aerial photography


    It’s a little known fact that Sir Henry Wellcome was something of a pioneer in aerial photography. Wellcome first visited Sudan in 1900, to establish what became the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories in Khartoum. Once the laboratories were established, he… Continue reading

  • MacLean and Smedley: love among the scientists


    By chance, a new addition to Wellcome Images  led me to an intriguing story of love (and collaboration) in the laboratory. The photograph shows equipment for MacLean’s estimation of blood sugar kit, which was produced by Allen and Hanburys, an… Continue reading

  • Early examples of clinical photography


    Wellcome Images has acquired a collection of Victorian (Circa 1880) clinical photographs from University Hospitals Bristol. They were collected within a surgeon’s scrapbook and provide an important historical record of such practices at that time. Before the profession of clinical… Continue reading

  • The Julie Dorrington Award for Outstanding Clinical Photography


    We are introducing a new award for clinical photography as part of the 2016 Wellcome Image Awards. The Julie Dorrington Award for Outstanding Clinical Photography is named in honour of one of the founding members of our clinical collection. Julie… Continue reading

  • Hooked in by the (Derby) neck


    Intriguing images are useful in capturing the attention; they could make a difference to whether or not a person takes an interest in what you have to say. Take the image below, seen in my local paper; you can imagine… Continue reading