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Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw

Christy Henshaw manages digitisation at the Wellcome Library. @Chenshaw. Linkedin

  • Future migration of JPEG2000


    Those of us who work with digital assets know that one day we’ll face format obsolescence. The formats we have in our care will no longer be rendered by the applications that created them or by readily obtainable alternatives. This… Continue reading

  • Future migration of JPEG 2000 blog post

    We announced the creation of our JPEG 2000 blog last month, and since then we have posted on several aspects of our experiences implementing the format, including setting up a Working Group around JPEG 2000 use in the library, museum… Continue reading

  • Lossy v. lossless compression in JPEG 2000


    The arguments for and against using JPEG 2000 lossy files for long-term preservation are largely centred around two issues: 1) that the original capture image is the true representation of the physical item, and therefore all the information captured at… Continue reading

  • Behind the Scenes: Imaging Services


    In this installment of Behind the Scenes, we take you into the world of the in-house photography team. Richard Everett, Head of the Imaging department, leads a team of four members of staff who carry out all the imaging services… Continue reading

  • Finding a JPEG 2000 conversion tool


    It should be stated straight away that we don’t have any programming capacity at the Wellcome Library (or the Wellcome Trust, our parent company). We don’t do any in-house software development, and we don’t use open source software much as… Continue reading

  • JPEG 2000 workshop with Richard Clark


    In the wake of taking on board the recommendations from the Buckley/Tanner report, we needed to start looking at how we would actually create these JPEG 2000s as part of our digitisation workflow. As the JP2K-UK group meeting showed us,… Continue reading

  • Initiating the JP2K-UK Implementation Working Group


    By Autumn 2009, we were committed to using the JP2 format for our digitisation projects. However, we knew that the lack of good information and communication between practitioners was a risk factor. First of all, we wanted to know what… Continue reading

  • Bringing in the experts


    There are numerous articles, reviews, and technical reports on the JPEG 2000 format, many free to view online. Despite this, we found it difficult to determine how we could make best use of the format in a practical way. There… Continue reading

  • We need how much storage?


    In 2009, the Wellcome Library set out an ambitious vision to digitise a large proportion of its historic collections. This would take the annual digitisation activities of the Library from hundreds, or at most, thousands of images per year to… Continue reading

  • Behind the Scenes: Moving Image and Sound Collection


    April finds us in the Moving Image and Sound Collection (MISC) department – the team behind the cataloguing, curation and public services related to the Wellcome Library’s collection of historic and modern audio-visual material. The department is headed by Angela… Continue reading