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Danny Rees

Danny Rees

Hi, I am Danny Rees, an Engagement Officer for the Wellcome Library, one of my interests is the human face; its physiognomy, expressions and ideas about what constitutes beauty. When not at work I enjoy the Kent countryside and consider radio to be one of the best things in life.

  • Wellcome Library Workshops


    This week’s free Wellcome Library workshops are: Free for all: history of medicine on the Web Find the best places to start if you are looking for reliable, accessible history of medicine resources on the internet. 24 November, 2-3pm Hunt… Continue reading

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide?


    “Don’t wanna stay alive when you’re 25” wrote the young David Bowie (now 62). The history of popular music is littered with tales of self-destruction – Del Shannon, Johnny Thunders, Joe Meek, Keith Moon and even Sister Luc-Gabrielle (the Singing… Continue reading

  • Death of the ‘Criminal Man’


    Professor Cesare Lombroso died on this day, one hundred years ago. Ironically his remains became part of his own museum, his head and internal organs joining those of the criminals which he studied throughout his career. The Wellcome Library has… Continue reading

  • Sex Ed: New Aural Pleasures


      On occasion our holdings throw up some odd bed fellows. Yes, the library covers much in the way of sex and drugs but not so much rock and roll. Hence my delight to discover a nice musical example that… Continue reading

  • We’re talking ‘heads’


      Last week self-styled ‘Guru of the Gurners’ Danny Rees treated Wellcome Trust staff to a display of rare and unusual library material on the subject of face reading. Items featured included book illustrations from Charles Darwin and phrenologist George… Continue reading

  • Live launch – Encore: a new way to discover what the library has for you


    Launching today, take part in a new era of easy catalogue searching with Encore. From its Google-like single search box, access a wealth of different material from our catalogue in just one click. Enjoy the benefits of tag clouds, and… Continue reading

  • On me ‘ead..


    The Library has recently purchased the only known copy of a German pamphlet from 1785 that still contains two original ‘forehead reading’ templates. Made of cardboard and hand painted, these unique plates fit over the forehead to enable the practise… Continue reading