Author: Deborah Leem

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Deborah Leem

Deborah Leem is Digitisation Project Coordinator at the Wellcome Library. She is trained in medical history and her current interests are in 3D technologies and many other areas of Digital Humanities.

  • How to protect original works during digitisation


    In any digitisation project, the physical condition of the items to be digitised is crucial. A digitisation condition survey is used to ascertain if the items meet criteria for digital photography. Where there are a large number of items, a… Continue reading

  • The philosophy of beards


    In recent years, beards have become a fashionable accessory among youngish men. Despite critics’ hopeful predictions of society reaching ‘peak beard’, their popularity has yet to decline. Like many fashions, society’s historical hunger for beards has been cyclical: it grows… Continue reading

  • The good, the bad and the antibacterial


    The Secret of Health, with the Story of the Missing Bag is a combined story and lay medical tract that was published by Lever Brothers Ltd. (which later became Unilever) and is essentially an extended advert for Lifebuoy Soap. It… Continue reading

  • The Medical Officer of Health reports project begins


    I recently started working on the Medical Officer of Health digitisation project. Since the beginning of December 2011, I have been spending the majority of my time in the conservation studio. I have been carrying out disbinding, cleaning and rehousing… Continue reading