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Gillian Daniel

Gillian Daniel is a Graduate Trainee at the Wellcome Trust and the creator of the popular fashion and art Instagram page @FashoftheTitans.

  • Spotlight: driving out the demon of smallpox


    Smallpox plagued medieval Japan, the disease was thought to be brought on by an Onryō (怨霊), a vengeful mythological spirit. This specific spirit or demon was eventually given the name Hōsōshin (疱瘡神). In the tale of Tametomo and Hōsōshin, the… Continue reading

  • Health posters from the past: visual responses to AIDS


    On World AIDS Day (1 December) take some time to look back at how the world responded to the AIDS epidemic by browsing our international collection of over 3000 AIDS posters online. When AIDS gripped the world in 1981, the… Continue reading

  • Hell is empty and all the devils are here


    In the Library’s Art Collection is a wealth of Japanese iconographic works. Of fiendish interest to us this Halloween, is one fascinating print featuring the demons of Japanese folklore and mythology. The woodcut print by Kunisada Utagawa above features six Japanese masks.… Continue reading

  • Spotlight: the legend of the Divine Farmer


    This c.1920 watercolour is a copy of an ancient original and can be found in the Library’s Art Collection, along with other visual material featuring the Shen Nong. Legend has it that Shen Nong (神农), or ‘Divine Farmer’, was one… Continue reading