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Helen Wakely

Helen Wakely is Archives Project Manager at the Wellcome Library.

  • Data access versus data protection: getting the balance right


    Data Protection Day is something close to our hearts here in the Library given the huge amount of personal data we hold on the health and sexual lives of living people in our collection of films, audio recordings, artworks, photographs… Continue reading

  • Brightly coloured jellied fruits

    Little book of wobbling Christmas delights


    Inspired by the the shimmering beauty of Bompas and Parr’s jellies, the Wellcome Library invites you to enter its collection of food industry advertising this Christmas and give yourself up to the Joys of JELL-O. Published in the USA in… Continue reading

  • Item of the month, October 2012: Imaginary history


    The preservation of hard documentary evidence about the past is what we archivists strive towards constantly.  But just for once, allow this particular archivist to indulge in a flight of fancy and imagine how molecular biologist Francis Crick might have… Continue reading

  • Guest Post: Little Ilford School ‘Science Club’


    In our fourth post from Year 9 at Little Ilford School, Anisa, Sadia and Tasniminvestigate the history of microscopy. Last month our group at the Wellcome Trust learnt about microscopy, the technique of using microscopes to view samples and objects… Continue reading

  • Duplicitous delicacies


    Faking it in the world of manuscripts has a long, if not exactly distinguished, history.  Given the determination of ingenious fraudsters to play intellectual havoc with documentary evidence over the centuries, and the voracious collecting habits of the Wellcome Library’s… Continue reading

  • ‘What’s cooking? Food and eating at home’ conference


    Friday 9 March 2012, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, 9.30 – 17.00 Friday 9 March 2012, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, 9.30 – 17.00 In association with the Wellcome Library, the Histories of Home Subject Specialist Network will be holding its 4thannual… Continue reading

  • The Cook’s Tour


      Fed up of the cold already, and wishing you could get away from it all?  Why not sign up for a free Cook’s Tour on Tuesday 25 October at 3.00-4.30pm, and journey around the world exploring the historical role of… Continue reading

  • Food dilemmas


    Food shopping. Like death and taxes, there’s no avoiding it. Whether we like it or not, food choices have always been inextricably linked with class and morality. Our attitudes to food reflect underlying fears about changes in lifestyle, family and… Continue reading

  • Recipes and Remedies: an Autumn Almanac


    Inspired by the intriguing collections of hand-written recipes and remedies in the Wellcome Library, we will be asking if food can cure, rooting through the history of culinary medicines and exploring contemporary scientific and cultural responses to food. The series… Continue reading

  • The cataloguer’s conundrum


    The Wellcome Library is very pleased to announce that the third and final batch of Francis Crick’s scientific papers is now fully catalogued and available for research. The entire archive has recently been imaged as part of the library’s Wellcome… Continue reading