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Phoebe Harkins

Phoebe Harkins is Library Communications Co-ordinator at the Wellcome Library.

  • Pills and Potions at Royal Holloway


    This Saturday (25th February) Wellcome Library Research Officer Ross MacFarlane will be speaking at Pills and Potions, Royal Holloway University’s 2012 Science Open Day. The title of Ross’s talk is Henry Wellcome: Invisible Ink to Pills and Potions and in… Continue reading

  • Evenings with a Merman


    Following recent appearances in central and south London, a ‘merman’ once in the collections of Henry Wellcome, is now on display in Tottenham. The merman is now part of the collections of the Horniman Musem and is currently on loan… Continue reading

  • We’re not psychic…


    … so we’re asking you to tell us what you’re thinking*.We mean about the Library, and in particular about your last visit to us. And that’s plenty to be getting on with. We’re coming to the end of our first… Continue reading

  • Abbey Christmas


    Clammy hands? Trouble sleeping? Counting down the hours until Christmas day?Like many of the library staff, you might be suffering withdrawal from medical history docu-drama and all-round national treasure Downton Abbey. That’s right, folks, medical history. Those of you who’ve… Continue reading

  • Armistice Day


    From the papers of papers of Sir Matthew Fell (1872-1959), (RAMC/364), Wireless Press number 58 giving news of the armistice.

  • Early English Books Online: medical content now findable on the Library catalogue


    We are very pleased to announce that over 9,000 records for medical resources in Early English Books Online (EEBO) have been added to the Library Catalogue. EEBO is one of the most popular electronic resources the Library offers, with access… Continue reading

  • Armenian Manuscripts Week


    The next in our series of study weeks, Armenian Manuscripts Week, will run from Monday 7 – Friday 11 November. It has been designed to provide an opportunity to study original Armenian manuscripts from the Wellcome Library’s Asian Collections. This… Continue reading

  • Invitation to the 2011 Fred Sanger Lecture


    The Library will be hosting the inaugural Fred Sanger lecture on Monday 5th September: ‘Putting Human Genetics on a Solid Basis: Human chromosome research, 1950s-1970s’. The lecture, by Professor Soraya de Chadarevian (UCLA Department of History and Center for Society… Continue reading

  • Hello users, we’re listening…


    Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our Library User Survey. We’ve just received our first formal report back from Morris Hargreaves Macintyre who are helping to collate and analyse the results. So far we’ve been sending out… Continue reading

  • Sarah Bakewell on Montaigne: Free Medicine & Literature Event


    How do you get on well with people? How do you respond to violence, pain, bereavement or illness? How do you make sense of others’ behaviour? How do you stop worrying about death and pay attention to life instead? These… Continue reading