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  • Tarantella: listen to the dance of the spider’s bite


    Following on from the phenomenal success of our YouTube channel, the Library now has a new outlet on SoundCloud, an audio distribution platform that allows users to listen, share, and download audio recordings. Each track is visualised as a waveform;… Continue reading

  • Dying for a Smoke


    We are now midway through Stoptober 2013. This month marks the second year of the hugely successful NHS campaign encouraging smokers to quit en masse for 28 days. An apt occasion, then, to revisit this engaging cartoon from the late… Continue reading

  • ‘Acts of Mercy’ on the move


    Since the Wellcome Trust purchased Frederick Cayley Robinson’s Acts of Mercy in 2009, the four paintings have been moved around a considerable number of times.  This wouldn’t be an issue if they were a reasonable size, but as anyone who… Continue reading

  • Syrian monastery, Deir-el-Surian

    The Deir al-Surian Manuscripts


    Deir al-Surian, the famous Monastery of the Mother of God, later renamed the Monastery of the Syrians, is located approximately 1.5 hour’s drive northwest of Cairo, Egypt in the Wadi el Natrun region of the ‘western desert’. The Coptic monastery… Continue reading

  • carracci_feature

    Conservation in action: a 16th century print gets a makeover


    The 16th century print, derived from the Crucifixion painted by Tintoretto for the Scuola di San Rocco in Venice in 1565, shows Christ in the centre, with two criminals being hoisted up on their crosses on either side. Tools and… Continue reading