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  • Rh factor illustration

    The Blood Group Unit – a world stage for research …


    To mark World Blood Donor day, on 14th June, consider the work of some pioneers in blood research – the Medical Research Council Blood Group Unit (BGU). Robert Race (founder of the BGU) and his wife/assistant, Ruth Sanger, effectively opened… Continue reading

  • Syrian monastery, Deir-el-Surian

    The Deir al-Surian Manuscripts


    Deir al-Surian, the famous Monastery of the Mother of God, later renamed the Monastery of the Syrians, is located approximately 1.5 hour’s drive northwest of Cairo, Egypt in the Wadi el Natrun region of the ‘western desert’. The Coptic monastery… Continue reading

  • Adam

    Did Adam have 6 fingers?


    Not many paintings are assessed for the genetic defects of the characters portrayed – Jan van Scorel’s version of Adam and Eve of 1540 is an exception. Geneticist Hans Gruneberg, whose digitised archive forms part of the Codebreakers: Makers of… Continue reading

  • Resources from Digitisation Doctor workshop now available


    A full report on the Digitisation Doctor workshop of April 15 is now available, along with many of the presentations given on the day. A brief summary of the day with links to presentations can be found below: Introduction –… Continue reading

  • Fred Sanger: a maker of modern genetics


    In the third of our series about the digitised archive collections in ‘Codebreakers: makers of modern genetics’, Jenny Shaw, archive project officer at the Wellcome Library, explores Fred Sanger’s research notebooks: My involvement with Sanger’s notebooks is through the Human… Continue reading

  • Image showing quick search location link

    Where in the Library…?


    You know our quick search catalogue tells you what we have in the Library. Now we’re making it easier to find our material on the shelves, too. Each entry now links from its location, in this example ‘Reading Room AOS’, to a… Continue reading

  • RSS feed icon

    New RSS feed for digital collections


    The Wellcome Library first introduced RSS feeds for new Library material in 2008. We’ve added new feeds where possible since then. Now we’ve added our latest RSS feed for material newly available to view through our player. The player greatly… Continue reading

  • Mobile search results

    Our improved mobile catalogue for smartphones


    Smartphone users might have already noticed a recent change to the display of our main catalogue. The whole display is clearer for smaller screens, and just as powerful. For example, facets for refining your search are available from the icon… Continue reading

  • Digitisation Doctor - for all your digitisation needs

    Digitisation Doctor: a free workshop at Wellcome Library


    Wellcome Library are organising a free one-day workshop that will explore the practicalities of digitisation and facilitate conversation between those involved in digitisation projects. The workshop will take place on April 15, 10:00am-4:00pm at the Wellcome Trust Gibbs Building, 215… Continue reading

  • The player: a new way of viewing digital collections


    Since 2010, the Wellcome Library has been digitising a significant amount of material related to the history of genetics. As part of this project, we’ve been working with Digirati, our software partners, to develop a tool to display all of… Continue reading