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  • coleridge-feat

    Coleridge and the doctors


    For National Poetry Day we highlighted one of the poems in our collection: a rollicking travelogue that is sadly anonymous.  Much of the poetry in the Wellcome Library is anonymous – in many cases, it is amateur material bad enough… Continue reading

  • B0010423 House fly (Musca domestica)
Credit: Macroscopic Solutions. Wellcome Images
Photomacrograph of the head of a common house fly (Musca domestica). The fly's mouthparts and two large compound eyes (for accurate perception of movement) can be seen. They are commonly found all over the world usually in areas of human activity. Even though these flies do not bite, they are considered pests and can pick up diseases from garbage, sewage and other sources of filth and carry them in their mouthparts and alimentary canal. These can then be transmitted onto human and animal food when the fly comes into contact with it. Disease-causing pathogens that can be commonly transmitted by house flies include Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Escherichia, Enterococcus and Chlamydia. Width of image is 1.5 cm.
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    Insects under the microscope


    For National Insect Week, Hannah Brown shares some of her favourite insect images from Wellcome Images. Robert Hooke’s drawing of the head and eyes of a drone-fly appeared in his book, ‘Micrographia’, the first book to illustrate insects and plants… Continue reading

  • AS0000085FG06 Family visit to a zoo
Credit: Anthea Sieveking . Wellcome Images
Family on an outing at a zoo. They are watching the rhinoceros in his enclosure.
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    How the fate of the rhino is tied to medicine


    The theme of World Environment Day 2016 is the illegal wildlife trade. All five of the world’s species of rhinoceros have been brought to the edge of extinction thanks in part to a lucrative international trade in exotic animals and… Continue reading

  • L0032217 Wellcome brand "Insulin hydrochloride", adve

    Diabetes and public health


    The theme for World Health Day 2016 is “Beat diabetes”. How did diabetes become a public health issue? Maybe public health officers from the past can shed some light. Diabetes is a complex condition. We’ve known of its existence for… Continue reading

  • scope-feat

    A gift for Disability History Month


    A Gift for Love is a film about a seven-year-old girl, Judy, played by Amanda Humby, finding her mother the perfect Christmas present with the 6 shillings and 8 pence in her money box. The only problem is that they… Continue reading

  • headwound

    Wounds from the Battle of Waterloo


    A “damned near-run thing” said the Duke of Wellington on his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. The Battle of Waterloo was the the bloody finale of the French Emperor’s 100-day reign. While Napoleon was exiled to… Continue reading

  • W0040845 Female mosquito on bednet

    Net values: mosquitoes and malaria


    Malaria kills around half a million people a year, most of them children under five. World Malaria Day, 25 April, is an annual reminder that the war against this killer disease continues. Since the 19th century there has been a… Continue reading

  • wbd-feat

    A high class book of reference


    Here is an entertaining guide to Our Daily Fare and How to Provide It, for World Book Day. This book is aimed at the average housewife stuck at home in 1893 and limited to a “small weekly household allowance” of… Continue reading

  • L0032150 Unhygienic practices which lead to cholera. Colour lithograp

    You are what you eat: food safety


    In 2015 the focus of  World Health Day – 7 April – is food safety. The Wellcome Library has a wealth of material on food (some of which is available digitally); here are some examples on food safety, from disease… Continue reading

  • Front cover of 'The Queen's Gift'

    Dr Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People


    Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that has been around since antiquity. It has gone by many names: phthisis (the original Greek name), consumption, the white plague – and many treatments have been offered over the years. One example of a… Continue reading