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  • Classifying medieval Islamic titles


    The Wellcome Library preserves many historical works from Islamic countries. Often these works have titles that bear no relation to their content, or sometimes works on very different topics have the same or similar titles. Many works on medicine contain… Continue reading

  • Syrian monastery, Deir-el-Surian

    The Deir al-Surian Manuscripts


    Deir al-Surian, the famous Monastery of the Mother of God, later renamed the Monastery of the Syrians, is located approximately 1.5 hour’s drive northwest of Cairo, Egypt in the Wadi el Natrun region of the ‘western desert’. The Coptic monastery… Continue reading

  • To London from Kuwait


    The Wellcome Library was honoured to receive a visit yesterday from staff of the Kuwait Digital Repository at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research: Ms. Shatha D. Al-Own (Project Leader), Ms. Amani Al-Othman (Principal Investigator), Mr Muhammad Mozafar (Task Leader),… Continue reading

  • Conservation In Action: courier trip to USA with items from the Wellcome Library’s Asian Collection


    Since 2011, as part of the Preservation and Conservation team, I have been focusing on the preparation of items from the Wellcome Library for internal exhibitions in the Wellcome Collection temporary exhibition space or for external loans, which have seen… Continue reading

  • Historic Arabic medical manuscripts go online


    The Wellcome Library is pleased to announcethe launch of Wellcome Arabic Manuscripts Online, a digital manuscript library created in partnership with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and King’s College London Department of Digital Humanities. From the official press release: Arabic medicine was… Continue reading

  • Arabic manuscripts online – Fihrist launch


    Fihrist, an online catalogue for Islamic manuscripts held at the Bodleian and Cambridge University Library (CUL), was launched on 28 March. Developed by the the OCIMCO (Oxford & Cambridge Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online) project, the catalogue uses the TEI/XML schema… Continue reading

  • Elena Pierazzo on the Arabic ENRICH schema


    Elena Pierazzo, from the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King’s College London describes a new metadata schema for Arabic manuscript cataloguing. The Wellcome Arabic Manuscript Cataloguing Partnership, as previously announced, is working toward providing greater access to the… Continue reading

  • Arabic manuscript project – information online


    The Wellcome Arabic manuscript project has a new webpage providing information on the project aims, project partners, standards, technology development, and more. This page will be updated regularly to show progress and make relevant documents available. The project plan is… Continue reading

  • JISC funding for the Wellcome Arabic Manuscript Cataloguing Project


    The Wellcome Library, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and Kings College London have been awarded a grant by the JISC’s Islamic Studies Catalogue and Manuscript Digitisation funding stream.  This collaborative project will create a searchable digital collection of Arabic manuscripts to be hosted… Continue reading

  • The Secret Scientists


    The BBC World Service today aired the first part of a new series, The Secret Scientists. Details: “According to the popular notion of science history, the period between the ninth and 13th centuries was what has come to be called… Continue reading