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  • Sensitivity assessment: the finer points of archives digitisation


    As work progresses in line with the Library’s Digitisation programme, Content And Metadata Officer Rada Vlatkovic discusses her work assessing the sensitivity of modern archive collections due for digitisation. On their journey from the library stacks to digitised images, archive collections… Continue reading

  • Combating the tsetse fly: rare historical reports now available


      Brian Hursey was an international expert on the control of tsetse flies, the vector of African trypanosomiasis or “sleeping sickness” in man and animals. As a student, he specialised in the study of tsetse flies and, upon graduation in… Continue reading

  • Another Royal Jubilee


    Amongst other causes for celebration, 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, founded in 1887 by Queen Victoria in the year of her own Golden Jubilee. It received its royal charter in 1889 when it became Queen… Continue reading

  • Let us spray? Papers of Leonard Jan Bruce-Chwatt now available


      The distinguished malariologist Leonard Jan Bruce-Chwatt (1907-1989) summed up the feelings of many of his contemporaries when, in 1986, he wrote: “We all know the main chapters of the sad saga of global malaria eradication and felt, often personally,… Continue reading

  • Targeted preservation: The Human Genome Archive Project


      Contemporary is a word not often associated with archives and yet without archivists making plans for contemporary material the archives of the future would be a much poorer place. The Wellcome Library has a history of considering the modern… Continue reading

  • Colouring in the last bits: the end of an era


    Exactly ten years ago, on April 26th 2002, one of the Library’s archivists sat at a PC and started our archive catalogue programme, went through various options to set up an import of data, selected the source file and clicked… Continue reading

  • The Right to Roam


    “I’m a rambler, I’m a rambler from Manchester way I get all my pleasure the hard moorland way I may be a wage slave on Monday But I am a free man on Sunday.” (Ewan MacColl, “The Manchester Rambler”)  … Continue reading

  • Thalidomide 50 Years On


    The archive of the Thalidomide Society (SA/TSY) and the papers of Professor Richard Smithells (PP/SML) have been catalogued and are now available to researchers at the Wellcome Library. Thalidomide was developed by the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal in Germany in 1957,… Continue reading

  • War and the psyche


    Readers who consult the online Archives and Manuscripts sources guides may have noticed some recent changes to the guides on war, medicine and health. In order to streamline these somewhat, the content has been rearranged, into War, Medicine, and Health: general and guides… Continue reading

  • Surprise addition to Blacker papers


    C P Blacker c. 1940 Archives and Manuscripts was recently contacted by a charity bookshop which had received a donation of books formerly belonging to Carlos Paton Blacker, FRCP (1895-1975), General Secretary of the Eugenics Society, 1930-1952 and Honorary Secretary,… Continue reading