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  • As the new school year begins…


    One might suppose that interest in child study must have been a twentieth century development, probably arising between the wars with the development of psychology as a discipline. In fact, a number of child study organisations, whose records are now… Continue reading

  • The cataloguer’s conundrum


    The Wellcome Library is very pleased to announce that the third and final batch of Francis Crick’s scientific papers is now fully catalogued and available for research. The entire archive has recently been imaged as part of the library’s Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Spearman and Intelligence


    The papers of influential British psychologist Charles Edward Spearman (1863-1945) were deposited in the Wellcome Library by the British Psychological Society in 2008. They are once more available to the public, now accompanied by a new expanded catalogue (PSY/SPE). Charles… Continue reading

  • Swiss National Day


    Every country has its own day for fireworks, it seems: November 5th in the UK, July 4th in the USA, July 14th in France. In Switzerland it’s today, 1st August, and anyone standing on the southern shore of Lac Léman… Continue reading

  • Food, Glorious Food!


    In 2002 and 2009 the Wellcome Library acquired the papers of food policy activist and expert Tim Lang (b.1948). The collection has recently been catalogued in detail (PP/TLA) and is now available for consultation. Tim Lang’s archive provides an important… Continue reading

  • Dream a little dream…


    In May 1940, Birmingham schoolteacher and army reservist, Kenneth Davies Hopkins, was captured by the Nazis in France, and sent to a succession of Prisoner of War camps in Germany. Whilst interned he had the idea of recording the dreams… Continue reading

  • Archives and manuscripts cataloguing, June 2011


    This month’s new cataloguing bulletin from the Archives and Manuscripts department releases a large tranche of material for researchers to work upon: five collections of twentieth-century papers, totalling over 230 archive boxes of material or over 1000 new database records.… Continue reading

  • An unstoppable team in blood grouping: R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger

    The archives of Robert Russell Race and Ruth Sanger have recently been made available for consultation in the Wellcome Library (ref. PP/SAR). Race and Sanger are best known for their contribution to the understanding of blood groups, in particular Rh… Continue reading

  • Fighting the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life


    The archives of the Royal Society for Public Health are now available at the Wellcome Library. Whilst the current Wellcome Collection exhibition, Dirt, shows the filthy reality of everyday life, this collection demonstrates how people have worked to combat dirt,… Continue reading

  • A life on (or under) the ocean wave – World Oceans Day


    When we think of planet Earth seen from space, the chances are that we think of the colour green. Our planet occupies the comfortable middle ground between the searingly hot silver clouds of Venus and the cold red deserts of… Continue reading