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  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing, March 2011


    Last month’s archive cataloguing saw the release of three complete archive collections, as well as various manuscripts and supplementary items. The highlights are described below. John Wilson Boag (1911-2007), radiation physicist and peace campaigner: papers of the influential radiation physicist… Continue reading

  • The annual archive popularity contest


    The annual popularity contest of our archival collections, based on numbers of readers using specific collections, has recently been completed for 2010. In 1989/90 the most popular collections were: Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection; Eugenics Society; Marie Stopes papers;… Continue reading

  • On this day 1807


    On 25th March 1807, the Slave Trade Act 1807 was passed by Parliament. This was the first definite victory for the campaign initiated twenty years earlier to abolish the trade. Although slavery itself had been outlawed in England since 1772,… Continue reading

  • The Birth of the Birth Control Clinic


    As part of IHR@90, a celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Historical Research, a conference was held last Friday at Senate House on ‘The Birth of the Birth Control Clinic’ (jointly organised with the… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: February 2011


    February was a month of sustained activity in the archives and manuscripts department, with a lot of cataloguing projects but most of these still ongoing. Some 243 new records went into the database, but of these only a tenth became… Continue reading

  • Population Investigation Committee – Archival Material Newly Available


    The records of the Population Investigation Committee (PIC) have been catalogued through a grant from the Nuffield Foundation and are now available for consultation in the Wellcome Library (Ref. SA/PIC). On 16 February 1935 Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders, Charles Booth Chair… Continue reading

  • Stella Browne in the archives at the Wellcome Library


    This week my biography of Stella Browne, early twentieth century British feminist sex radical and socialist, was published by I B Tauris: The Life and Times of Stella Browne: Feminist and Free Spirit. While it contains the fruit of extensive… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: January 2011


    A new year, and more new material made available for research. During January, nearly four hundred new database records were created for archive material, one hundred and fifteen becoming visible online during that month. As the disparity in numbers indicates,… Continue reading

  • Investigating responses to AIDS in the late 1980s


    Two small archive collections that have just been made available provide rather different insights as to the impact of the AIDS/HIV epidemic on different populations in the UK by the end of the 1980s, the decade in which it first… Continue reading

  • People take pictures of each other


    People take pictures of each other, And the moment to last them for ever, Of the time when they mattered to someone. ‘People take pictures of each other’ by Ray Davies Picture the scene: A smiling bride and groom in… Continue reading