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  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing statistics: December 2010


    In the weeks before Christmas work proceeded on various long-running projects within and outside the online database. As mentioned last month, behind the scenes retroconversion work continues on the catalogue of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (SA/CSP), completion of which… Continue reading

  • New family history sources for 2011


    For anyone contemplating work on their family history, January the 1st is a significant day: not merely the day on which one resolves really to get down to it this year, but also the day on which, every year, a… Continue reading

  • Their finest hour: Lord Moran papers open for study

        In May 1940 Sir Charles Wilson (1882-1977) received a summons from the War Cabinet: he was to become the personal physician of Winston Churchill, who had become Prime Minister just two weeks before. The health of a political… Continue reading

  • Tick… Tick… Tick…


    As the last hours of 2010 elapse, let’s look forwards to the new year. January is always significant for a repository that holds archive material: each new year brings the opening of new material to the public, material that was… Continue reading

  • The deep freeze


    If your extremities feel like icicles right now, shudder at the chilly prospect faced back in 2004 by Francis Crick (who co-discovered the structure of DNA, in case you have forgotten). Three months before he died in July 2004, Francis… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing statistics: November 2010


    This month’s cataloguing statistics for archives and manuscripts, like last month’s, are dominated by two major groups of archive records. (New cataloguing accounts for all the records added to the database, although behind the scenes retroconversion work continues on the… Continue reading

  • Trust me, I’m an Archivist!


    The current issue of Ariadne, the web magazine for information professionals, includes an article by three members of Wellcome Library staff. Trust me I’m an Archivist: experiences with digital donors describes some of our encounters with potential donors of digital… Continue reading

  • Psychology, authoritarian regimes and modern marriage


    The papers of the influential psychiatrist Henry Dicks (1900-1977) are now available in the Wellcome Library (Ref. PP/HVD). Having been born in Estonia to an English father and German mother, Dicks spoke English, Russian, German and French. This linguistic flexibility… Continue reading

  • Anti-Smoking Archive Grows!


    The archives of the anti-smoking charity ASH, held by the Wellcome Library, have almost doubled in size, with the addition of 80 boxes of newly catalogued material. The new material covers a very interesting period in the fight against smoking,… Continue reading

  • Archives and Manuscripts cataloguing: October 2010


    Our monthly cataloguing bulletin for October is short: not because of a lack of activity, but because the vast majority of the material newly released to the public falls into two major collections, both already described on the blog. Wellcome… Continue reading