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  • The changing history of Mill Ponds


    The site of the old Wellcome Pharmaceutical Factory at Mill Ponds is now a multi-million pound housing development that comes with 400 years of industrial history. Rewind back to the 19th century when this same 7.59 acre site of the… Continue reading

  • Michael Ashburner: a career built on flies


    Michael Ashburner is a pioneer of genomics and bioinformatics who has made the study of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster his life’s work. The first three sections of the Michael Ashburner archive (Library reference: PP/MIA) are now available to researchers… Continue reading

  • Saving the profession from scandal


    Professional bodies exist to raise the respectability of their members, but the Society of Trained Masseuses began as a direct response to accusations of scandal and even prostitution. In the summer of 1894 the British Medical Journal (BMJ) launched an alarmist… Continue reading

  • Gout or the joint evil


    The Library has recently catalogued the Heberden collection (Library reference SA/HEB).This is a collection of records acquired by the Heberden Library of the British Society of Rheumatology on the subjects of rheumatology, arthritis and gout.   Gout is a form… Continue reading

  • Mental health history ventures out of the asylum


    On 26 June the Wellcome Trust played host to a symposium on the history of 20th century mental healthcare in Britain – Keeping Mental Health in Mind. Part of motivation for the event, organized by the Wellcome Library and the… Continue reading

  • Peter the Wild Boy


    The Heberden archive (Library reference SA/HEB) has recently been catalogued and is available for consultation in the Library. While it mostly relates to rheumatism and arthritis, it also includes a collection of historic medical manuscripts, which were put together by… Continue reading

  • How to Make a Knitted Uterus for Teaching


    An item for knitting enthusiasts has recently been acquired by the Library as part of the papers of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health (ACPWH). The matter-of-factly titled How to Make a ‘Knitted Uterus’ for Teaching is a… Continue reading

  • The Pioneer Health Centre and positive health


    A perennial favourite of researchers in the archival collections of the Wellcome Library is the archive of the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham, including the papers of its founders, George Scott Williamson and Innes Hope Pearse. Now thanks to a couple of recently… Continue reading

  • Attached to her work: Ursula Bowlby and motherhood


    How much did Ursula Bowlby’s personal experience of motherhood contribute to her research on the relationship between infants and mothers, and to the development of her husband’s work on attachment theory? These are questions that Dr Katherine Holden explores in… Continue reading

  • Prevent and survive: medical activism in 1980s Britain


    Dr Christoph Laucht’s research explores the ways in which medical professionals organised to protest against nuclear war in Cold War Britain. We invited him to share some of his findings from the archives. Britain experienced a revival of fears of… Continue reading