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  • Keeping mental health in Mind


    For World Mental Health Day: Emma Hancox opens up the Mind archive. Over 80 boxes of material from the archive of Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales are now available for consultation in the Wellcome Library.… Continue reading

  • Well? Well almost…


    Through his research into the patient case notes of the Mental After-Care Association, Dr Stephen Soanes explores some of the attitudes towards convalescence in the mental health hospital system of the early 20th century. As a medical classification, convalescence represents a caveat. Neither… Continue reading

  • Abandoned Goods: the power of creativity on film


    Hot on the heels of its Locarno Film Festival success (the Golden Leopard for the Best International Short Film in  the Leopards of Tomorrow Competition), Abandoned Goods, a documentary by Pia Borg and Ed Lawrenson, part funded by a Wellcome… Continue reading

  • Art, asylums and advocacy: histories of mental health


    With World Mental Health Day coming up on October 10, we’ve decided to dedicate all this week on the Wellcome Library blog to mental health themes. On Tuesday Anna Ostrowska discusses Abandoned Goods, a documentary film about ‘asylum art’, showing… Continue reading

  • John Sulston’s Archive Now Available in the Library


    The complete John Sulston archive (PP/SUL) has been catalogued and is available to researchers in the Library. The final two sections have been catalogued, with Section B covering Sulston’s role as Director of the Sanger Centre (now the Sanger Institute)… Continue reading

  • Spotlight: Her Majesty’s dinner


    This royal menu card from Balmoral Castle takes us back to the reign of Queen Victoria. Then as now, the monarch spent her summers in Aberdeenshire. Some of the Queen’s most intimate body-servants also hailed from Scotland; not only the… Continue reading

  • The Genius of Ismond Rosen


    Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, authority on human sexuality, media pundit, acclaimed artist and prolific writer: whichever way you look at it Ismond Rosen (1924-1996) was possessed of an exceptional intellect. His archive, which comprises 119 boxes of documentary material, photographic images, art… Continue reading

  • The Discovery of AIDS in Zambia


    “God created AIDS to punish sinners” and similar negative phrases often spring to mind when thinking of the Church and AIDS. However, this is a view taken by a minority of Christians. Many more have been involved in the fight… Continue reading

  • The well-travelled archive


    With summer holidays in full swing some of us may be lucky enough to be acquiring a new stamp in our passports en route to an exotic destination. Just like the stamps in our passports, or the travel stickers that… Continue reading

  • Defenders of destitute doctors


    “Each Wednesday evening Mrs Hunter welcomed the brightest talents of the Georgian cultural world through the graceful doorway of number 28 and up the marble staircase to the first floor salon overlooking the square, where they recited, danced and gossiped… Continue reading