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  • Doctors on the box


    It seems that you can hardly switch on the TV these days without stumbling across a fly-on-the-wall documentary set amidst the high octane drama of an A&E department, or someone willing to have the details of their intimate surgery broadcast… Continue reading

  • Prolapsed intervertebral disc

    James Cyriax, Father of Orthopaedic Medicine


    James Henry Cyriax was a controversial figure often seen as an outsider in terms of the British medical establishment. His personal papers were acquired by the Archives and Manuscripts department of the Wellcome Library in 2009, and have recently been… Continue reading

  • Photograph showing soldiers sitting on iron bedsteads in a hospital ward.

    Pixels and Passchendaele


    In commemoration of the upcoming 100 year anniversary of World War I, all material within the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Muniments collection relating to the war is being digitised as part of the Library’s Digitisation Programme. The material will be digitised… Continue reading

  • Sexology in the Wellcome Library


    Last week I attended a colloquium in Berlin, Das Erbe der Berliner Sexualwissenschaft: Eine Fachtagung sexualwissenschaftlicher Archive, commemorating the 80th anniversary of destruction of Magnus Hirschfeld‘s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft by the Nazis on 6 May 1933. I had been asked to… Continue reading

  • Community Care in the Archives: A student’s view


    Every year around this time, the Archives and Manuscripts department hosts a student from the UCL Archives and Records Management MA course. The aim of this two week placement is for the student to put into practice what they have… Continue reading

  • St Lucia

    Sun, Sea and Snails


    The island of St. Lucia: palm-fringed beaches bathed in glorious Caribbean sun and rugged volcanic mountains separated by valleys of lush, tropical vegetation – the perfect destination for that special romantic get-away, perhaps?  In the 1960s, however, a group of… Continue reading

  • From secret diseases to sexual health


    Recently received, and now catalogued and available, in Archives and Manuscripts, are the archives of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, which has also given us books from its library collection. This adds significantly to our existing archival and… Continue reading

  • 4 DNA base pairs

    The dance of A, C, G and T: the Wyatt notebooks


    Following the launch of Codebreakers: the makers of modern genetics online resource, we will be posting a series of blogs about the 20 digitised archive collections at its core. To get started, Dr. Chris Hilton, senior archivist at the Library… Continue reading

  • Paying attention to what women say


    International Women’s Day seems a good time to commemorate two amazing (and long-lived!) women doctors and researchers whose major breakthroughs were the result of listening to what women told them and paying attention to the implications. Cicely Williams (1893-1992) was… Continue reading

  • The Red, White and Green of ….Germany?


    When we talk about our archives and manuscripts, our focus is usually on their content.  People order archive items in order to read them, by and large, and our catalogues tend to focus upon the words on the page, and… Continue reading