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  • Sir Francis Bacon


    He didn’t discover a new element, spot a new star in the night sky nor make a major medical breakthrough, but there’s little doubt Sir Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban (1561-1626), is one of the most influential figures in… Continue reading

  • Their finest hour: Lord Moran papers open for study


        In May 1940 Sir Charles Wilson (1882-1977) received a summons from the War Cabinet: he was to become the personal physician of Winston Churchill, who had become Prime Minister just two weeks before. The health of a political… Continue reading

  • Theodor Schwann Bicentenary


    The treatise has now been seven years before the public, has been most acutely investigated by those best competent to test its value, and the first physiologists of our day have judged the discoveries which it unfolds as worthy to… Continue reading

  • Psychology, authoritarian regimes and modern marriage


    The papers of the influential psychiatrist Henry Dicks (1900-1977) are now available in the Wellcome Library (Ref. PP/HVD). Having been born in Estonia to an English father and German mother, Dicks spoke English, Russian, German and French. This linguistic flexibility… Continue reading

  • Robert Louis Stevenson


    For fourteen years I have not had a day’s real health; I have wakened sick and gone to bed weary; and I have done my work unflinchingly. I have written in bed, and written out of it, written in hemorrhages… Continue reading

  • A novelist’s bicentenary


    Elizabeth Gaskell, the novelist, was born 200 years ago today, on 29th September 1810. The huge success of the BBC’s version of Cranford (which added several of her other short stories to the adaptation) and, a few years before that,… Continue reading

  • Edwin Morgan (1920-2010)


    The death was announced yesterday of the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan. A major poetical voice, Morgan’s obituaries do their best to capture the range and styles of his vast array of poems. Evident from Morgan’s work is his fascination by… Continue reading

  • NHS founder dies


    Fifty years ago today, Aneurin Bevan MP died of cancer at the age of 62. His legacy, of course, is very much alive: as the UK enters a round of what we are warned will be ferocious cuts in government… Continue reading

  • Fire, Riot and Compound Fracture


    Hannah Stewart, 21 years of age of a good habit of body, a married Woman was brought into the Hosp[ita]l on Wednesday night the 7th Inst. with a compound Fracture of the Wrist Joint wherein both Radius and Ulna were… Continue reading

  • Sun, Sea and Seeds


    As the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual jamboree opens this week in Chelsea it is timely to remember the man who not only donated land at Wisley in Surrey in 1903 for the Society’s new national gardens, but also with his… Continue reading