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  • Apollo and the Aztecs


    Microcephaly is a word that has come from nowhere to the newspapers’ front pages in a surprisingly short time, owing to the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil coinciding with the preparations for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Congenital… Continue reading

  • Brain Season on Radio 4


    This week sees the beginning of BBC Radio 4’s Brain Season. The centrepiece of the season will be a new 10-part series, A History of the Brain, presented by Dr Geoff Bunn. The series airs at 1.45pm, Monday to Friday,… Continue reading

  • The Brain: A Secret History


    Beginning last night on BBC4, The Brain: A Secret History, is a new three part documentary series which illustrates the history of attempts to understand and manipulate the brain. In the first episode of the series, ‘Mind Control’, presenter Dr… Continue reading