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  • Hieroglyphicks of the City Fathers


    The Corporation of London is the local government which controls the square mile known as the City of London. It includes the financial industries based in that small area in the eastern half of the London metropolis. The Corporation has… Continue reading

  • Doctors and the invention of the English seaside


    How did the so-called ‘sea cure’ supplant the taking of waters at fashionable spas for Georgian England’s worried well? This was the question I sought answers for in the Wellcome Library’s collections. There I found several intriguing medical tracts, not… Continue reading

  • Happy to be healthy


    Lots of people are talking about happiness, and not just because 20 March is International Day of Happiness. Links between health and happiness have been around for a long time, as this 18th century cartoon shows. In the drawing, a… Continue reading

  • Evolving images of Darwinism


    An old favourite from the Library collections, The Evolution of Household Articles has been digitised. We’ve used some of its quirky images on the blog before, and now it’s available for everyone to enjoy, in glorious detail, in our player.… Continue reading

  • Interpreting caricatures


    By their very nature, caricatures (in the sense of graphic works) distort the truth for humorous effect, but not quite enough to make their subjects unrecognizable. Quite how caricature artists have steered between the Scylla of distortion and the Charybdis… Continue reading

  • The Georgian medicine vendor as physician: William Brodum


    Wellcome Library no. 20131i A watercolour in the Wellcome Library (left) shows an interior with three figures.  In the centre a plump, self-satisfied looking man  looks down with approval at the work of the second figure, on the right, who… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Masterclass: Interpreting Caricature


      At this new Wellcome Library event, attendees will be introduced to items from our collections, interpreted by acknowledged experts. On the 27th April (2.30pm-4pm), our speakers will select a number of works from the Wellcome Library’s collections on the… Continue reading

  • Dr Eady–from Soho to Beverly Hills


    Watercolour by Thomas Rowlandson, ca. 1825. Wellcome Library no. 726498i The Wellcome Library in London has acquired a watercolour by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827). Yes, without apology, yet another work by Rowlandson has been added to the large number of prints… Continue reading

  • Professor A and Professor B discuss Darwinism in Berlin


    The idea of man’s evolution from animals is an ancient one. Some statements on the subject by the Greek philosopher Anaximander (ca. 610–after 546 BC): “The first living creatures were born in moisture, enclosed in thorny casings, and as their… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Library Insight: Caricatures and Cartoons


    This week’s free Insight session – on Thursday 11th November – explores how caricatures and cartoons have evolved by looking at drawings, paintings and prints from the Wellcome Library. Our Insight sessions give visitors an opportunity to explore the variety… Continue reading