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  • Holloway Sanatorium for the Insane


    The travel writer Bill Bryson recorded that Virginia Water, the home to Holloway Sanatorium, had a charm about it because “it was full of wandering lunatics”. Bryson worked at the sanatorium in 1973 as a janitor on Tuke Ward. In… Continue reading

  • The Priory: an elusive asylum


    On 26 February 1909 the Coroner’s verdict in the case of the Roman Catholic priest Father George Stacey read as follows: He died from cardiac failure consequent upon exhaustion from having plucked his eyeballs from their sockets, his death being… Continue reading

  • More Spilsbury case cards


    Last November we reported on the acquisitionvia a sale at Sothebys of nearly 4000 index cards of notes of Sir Bernard Spilsbury’s autopsies. This collection has proved highly popular with readers since it has become available. We are now delighted… Continue reading

  • Spilsbury Case Reports in The Times


    Our recently catalogued case reports of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, received further promotion through a recent article in The Times. Ben Macintyre writes: “The archive offers a unique insight into the British way of death in an earlier age, but it… Continue reading