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  • Pioneer of computing arrives in database


    The Wellcome Library’s online archive catalogue has just added a new name: Charles Babbage (1791-1871), the mathematician and designer of mechanical computing devices, the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine, that foreshadowed today’s information technology. Thirty-five letters and notes by… Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday Dear Darwin!


    He’s the man you cannot escape this year, and although we’ve already drawn attention to the images we hold of him and also of the launch of the ‘Tree of Life’ website, we could not go through the 12th February… Continue reading

  • Tree of Life


    As part of its contribution to Darwin200, the Wellcome Trust and its partners have created the website Tree of Life featuring a video on evolution presented by David Attenborough. The website includes an interactive Tree of Life showing the development… Continue reading

  • The origins of The origin


    In the Wellcome Trust’s headquarters, this colossal bust of Georges Cuvier stands in the atrium outside a meeting room called the Darwin Room. The irony of that conjuncture may be lost on many of the people who use the meeting… Continue reading