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  • The great and the good visit the asylum


    Philippa Smith from London Metropolitan Archives introduces the St Luke’s Hospital papers, the latest collection to go online from our mental health archives digitisation project. When asked by the Wellcome Library whether we had an archive of a private asylum… Continue reading

  • The care of pauper lunatics in Glasgow


    Gartnavel Royal Hospital is one of the institutions in our project to digitise mental health archives selected from across the UK, and make them freely available through the Wellcome Library catalogue. As the Gartnavel records begin to appear online, Archivist … Continue reading

  • Archivists in the asylum


    It’s not often that archivists get to visit the source of their historical records. Archivists at the Borthwick Institute for Archives got to do just that on a trip to former mental hospital, the Retreat, in York. The Borthwick Institute… Continue reading

  • Spotlight: Christmas greetings from 5 Field Ambulance


    Christmas cards come in myriad forms, from the reverently pious through the cloyingly schmaltzy to the frankly naff. Humour, where it appears, is usually gently playful (Santa stuck in a chimney, Rudolf held up by celestial traffic lights) or achingly… Continue reading

  • The case of Miss Banks


    As 1909 drew to an end, Miss Beatrice Mary Jane Banks was in her early thirties and living in East Sussex. Her routine sounds agreeable: she made her home in a country house on the outskirts of a small village,… Continue reading

  • A Victorian lunatic asylum begins to reveal its secrets


    Dr Richard Aspin pursues the dramatic account by a Victorian barrister admitted to a lunatic asylum in 1875 in the newly digitised casebooks of Ticehurst House Hospital. “I was therefore ‘removed,’ half-dying, in a state of semi-consciousness, I can scarcely… Continue reading

  • “We fought and bled at Loos”


    In the popular view of the Western Front in World War I, 1915 can be something of a forgotten year. By the end of 1914 and the famous Christmas truces, the trench network stretched from the Jura to the Channel,… Continue reading

  • John Silver’s Field Ambulance: images of life in WWI France


    On 3 August 1914 Germany declared war on France, and by the following day, the UK had mobilised divisions of troops, and with them, Field Ambulances to send to the frontline. The Field Ambulance was not a vehicle but the name given… Continue reading

  • Alan Coulson’s Science of Collaboration


    The Alan Coulson papers (PP/COU) have recently been made available online as part of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics. This means that the Coulson archive has the honour of being the first collection to be digitised straight from cataloguing and… Continue reading

  • Welcome to Genomics History Week


    With the first section of the papers of geneticist John Sulston now catalogued and the recent addition of the digitised Alan Coulson papers online at Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics, we’ve decided to make this Genomics History Week at the… Continue reading