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  • rioghnach-feat

    Digital libraries: going with the workflow


    How do you digitise an entire library? I’ve been asking members of our Digitisation team to tell me about their part in the digitisation process. Name: Rioghnach Ahern What is your job title? Digital Ingest Coordinator And what does that… Continue reading

  • purse3-feat

    Purses and foldouts – unexpected challenges of digitisation


    How do you digitise an entire library? I’ve been asking members of our Digital Production team to tell me about their part in the digitisation process. Name: Deborah Leem What is your job title? Digital Support Team Manager How many… Continue reading

  • rcs-feat

    Dirty but rewarding: contributing to the UK Medical Heritage Library


    The Royal College of Surgeons, England was one of 9 institutions that contributed to the UKMHL. Their Collections Librarian, Dot Fouracre, tells us about what it was like to be part of the mass digitisation project. We were excited to… Continue reading

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    Completing the UK Medical Heritage Library project


    This summer we waved goodbye to the last of our nine partners who travelled with us on a short but intensive journey to digitise 15 million pages of 19th century health and medical culture over the past 20 months. These… Continue reading

  • keplers

    Searching for a solution


    Chemist and Druggist is a trade journal for pharmacists but the variety of its content and the abundance of images and advertising from 1859 through to 2010 give it a far wider appeal. This is probably why Chemist and Druggist… Continue reading

  • asylum drawing

    Looking back on the digital year


    2015 was another busy year for the Digitisation Programme at the Wellcome Library with a diverse range of material being made freely available online for our users. The programme has seen a move towards more automation with on average of… Continue reading

  • Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

    An unexpected benefit of digitisation: 1537 more books!


    Notorious among our library staff is a collection known as simply the ‘Broadly Classified Medical’ (BCM). Comprising over 55,000 books dating back to the 1850s, much of the collection is a prime candidate for our 19th century digitisation programme. For… Continue reading

  • C0020698 Histoires Prodigieuses
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Conservator working on the original handwritten and hand-painted copy of Histoires Prodigieuses, by Pierre Boaistuau, a sixteenth-century French writer presented to Queen Elizabeth I in 1560. 

The Wellcome Library holds this original copy of the beautifully illustrated manuscript that deals with all kinds of freakish happenings, including Siamese twins and other birth deformities, unexplainable diseases, extreme obesity and natural disasters.
Published:  - 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 4.0, see

    How to protect original works during digitisation


    In any digitisation project, the physical condition of the items to be digitised is crucial. A digitisation condition survey is used to ascertain if the items meet criteria for digital photography. Where there are a large number of items, a… Continue reading

  • Rémi Vincent

    Reflecting on our digital developments


    It was September 2010 when we started on our journey to build a digital library, kicking off a £19.5 million programme to transform the Wellcome Library into an innovative digital and physical destination. Five years and 20 million images later, how… Continue reading

  • brett-feat

    Brett: then and now


    Roger Graef is a distinguished theatre producer, documentary film maker and founder of the production company Films of Record. He curated a programme of films around science on film for the 75th anniversary of the Wellcome Trust in 2011. It… Continue reading