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  • An unstoppable team in blood grouping: R. R. Race and Ruth Sanger


    The archives of Robert Russell Race and Ruth Sanger have recently been made available for consultation in the Wellcome Library (ref. PP/SAR). Race and Sanger are best known for their contribution to the understanding of blood groups, in particular Rh… Continue reading

  • Here’s one we made earlier…


    As the latest issue of the Wellcome Trust’s Big Picture tackles the themes of Food and Diet, we thought we would set a culinary challenge for chef Zack Mila. Faced with the Library’s collection of 17th recipe manuscripts – and… Continue reading

  • Arabic manuscripts online – Fihrist launch


    Fihrist, an online catalogue for Islamic manuscripts held at the Bodleian and Cambridge University Library (CUL), was launched on 28 March. Developed by the the OCIMCO (Oxford & Cambridge Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online) project, the catalogue uses the TEI/XML schema… Continue reading

  • Digitising the archive of geneticist Hans Grüneberg


      The Wellcome Library is host to numerous scientists who are famed for discovering important aspects of genetics, many of whose papers are being digitised as part of a major on-going project. While Arthur Mourant was the so-called ‘father of… Continue reading

  • The problem with orphans…


    Sooner or later, anyone planning to digitise works created in the last hundred years or so has to face the problem of what to do with those which are still in copyright but for which no copyright holder can be… Continue reading

  • “A Digital Future for the History of Medicine?”


    Next Wednesday (23rd March), Dr Simon Chaplin, Head of the Wellcome Library, will be giving a talk at the Centre for the Humanities and Health (CHH), King’s College London, titled: “A Digital Future for the History of Medicine?” The talk… Continue reading

  • A Jersey connection: Arthur Mourant and Jacqueline du Pré


    The Wellcome Library is not known particularly for its holdings of musical celebrities but the archives often reveal some unexpected items. The fate that struck the talented cellist, Jacqueline du Pré does fall within the Wellcome Library’s remit however, given… Continue reading

  • 5 million manuscripts, films and texts…


    …that’s what Europeana Libraries will be contributing to Europeana over the next two years. The Europeana Libraries project kicked off last week and the Wellcome Library was there to be involved right from the start. Europeana Libraries will add 5… Continue reading

  • Christmas advice from Frank Rowntree


    Francis St. D. Rowntree 1928-1996, aka Frank Rowntree, received an OBE in 1986 for his services to public health. During the 1970s, he was the Health Education Officer for Sheffield and in this capacity he was invited into the Walk… Continue reading

  • Workflow Tools Workshop in Bath, 30 November 2010


    On a freezing cold November day I travelled down to Bath to attend a one-day event run by UKOLN as part of the DevCSI program. Mahendra Mahey, Research Office with UKOLN, was our host for the day. What may seem… Continue reading