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  • St Lucia

    Sun, Sea and Snails


    The island of St. Lucia: palm-fringed beaches bathed in glorious Caribbean sun and rugged volcanic mountains separated by valleys of lush, tropical vegetation – the perfect destination for that special romantic get-away, perhaps?  In the 1960s, however, a group of… Continue reading

  • Bathing with Sheeps’ Heads: The Sick Child in Early Modern England


    Dr Hannah Newton is a Wellcome Trust Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Here, she provides insights into the treatment and experience of childhood illness in the early modern period, and overturns three enduring myths about the history of childhood.… Continue reading

  • Behind the smile


    One of the more arresting photographs in the library’s collections shows a man undergoing electrical stimulation of his facial muscles to help understand the nature of expressions. Charles Darwin used the original photographs, made by Dr. Guillaume Duchenne, in his… Continue reading