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  • Online Resources: UK Medical Registers,1859-1959


    If you’ve ever tried to trace a medical ancestor by wading through the printed volumes of the UK Medical Registers then you’ll be pleased to hear that after a successful trial period, Wellcome Library users now have online access to… Continue reading

  • Papers of Carlos Paton Blacker to be digitised


      As part of our programme to create a Wellcome Digital Library, we are pleased to announce that we will be digitising the papers of Carlos Paton Blacker. This will include the surprise addition to his papers received in March.… Continue reading

  • Their finest hour: Lord Moran papers open for study


        In May 1940 Sir Charles Wilson (1882-1977) received a summons from the War Cabinet: he was to become the personal physician of Winston Churchill, who had become Prime Minister just two weeks before. The health of a political… Continue reading

  • The Red Book


    It’s not often books purchased by the Wellcome Library have guested on a prime time American crime show, but then again, Carl Jung’s The Red Book is no ordinary work. A facsimile of Carl Jung’s Liber Novus (New Book), The… Continue reading

  • Sir James Watt 1914-2009


    The Wellcome Library canvasses its registered users from time to time to find out their desiderata, and over the past few years one reply has come back with a tick in the box marked “AGE: 90 OR OVER”. Although the… Continue reading

  • Sir Thomas Lewis


    The catalogue of the papers of Sir Thomas Lewis held by the Wellcome Library is now available to view online. The collection includes much on his wartime work at military heart hospitals in Colchester and Hampstead, and with the Ministry… Continue reading

  • Death of the ‘Criminal Man’


    Professor Cesare Lombroso died on this day, one hundred years ago. Ironically his remains became part of his own museum, his head and internal organs joining those of the criminals which he studied throughout his career. The Wellcome Library has… Continue reading

  • Forthcoming events


      News of a pair of forthcoming public events, which draw on the expertise and skills of two members of Wellcome Library staff. On Thursday 24th September, Dr Lesley Hall, Senior Archivist, is speaking at ‘Sex: A Victorian Mystery’, a… Continue reading

  • Napoleonic advancement in the Wellcome Library


    Popular fascination with Napoleon’s military aristocracy, the two dozen or so assorted sons of small tradesman and junior army officers of the old regime who rose to Marshal’s rank, riches and titles on the back of Bonaparte’s campaigns, shows no… Continue reading

  • Robert Whytt portrayed from the life


    Robert Whytt. Oil painting by G.B. Bellucci, 1738. Wellcome Library no. 665664i   Robert Whytt (1714-1766) was both a practising physician in Edinburgh and a professor at Edinburgh University. His extensive writings record his search for answers to questions that… Continue reading