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  • Soyez le bienvenu!


      The Wellcome Trust was honoured to receive a visit today by H.E. The French Ambassador, M. Bernard Emié. Among the items shown to him was the most splendid of the Wellcome Library’s recent French acquisitions, the portrait of the… Continue reading

  • New article on a portrait of record


    Drawing by Pierre Chasselat. Wellcome Library no. 729420i An exceptional neoclassical portrait drawing that was acquired by the Wellcome Library in 2010 is the subject of an article in the current (April 2012) issue of The Burlington magazine. [1] The… Continue reading

  • Spades, Hearts, Diamonds


    A game of cards. Oil painting by Stephen Jenner. Wellcome Library no. 47409i In England in 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, Charles Dickens published The Old Curiosity Shop, and a certain E. Estridge passed the time by drawing on… Continue reading

  • New acquisition: a portrait of Ange-Bernard Imbert-Delonnes


    The great aspirations, dramatic events, heroic deeds and terrible crimes against persons that occurred in France between the first stirrings of the Revolution in 1789 and the end of the First Empire in 1815 remain stamped in the public memory… Continue reading

  • The Exhibition of Living Patients, 1881


    A man with Lupus erythematosus. Watercolour by Mabel Green, 1902. Wellcome Library no. 672807i The International Medical Congress which took place in London in 1881 was the seventh in the series, sandwiched between the sixth congress in Amsterdam and the… Continue reading

  • Apple pie order


    Ayurveda all in a row The Wellcome Library is closed this week (29 June-5 July) to enable the staff to carry out numerous stocktaking and ordering projects for the benefit of its users. For example books on the open shelves… Continue reading