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  • Woodcut of dissection

    History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series, Spring 2017


    The History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series returns this month. The 2016–17 series – organised by a group of historians of medicine based at London universities and hosted by the Wellcome Library – will conclude with three seminars. The series… Continue reading

  • Tales of medical students heading for Paris


    British tourists and travellers heading by road for Paris and points beyond for the summer are likely to take the autoroute. Not so long ago however the principal route was the old RN 1 which took the traveller from Calais… Continue reading

  • Wellcome Images in the classroom


    Rosalyn Taylor tells us about a Wellcome Trust Education Department project to promote the use of our digital images in schools. Teachers tell us that Wellcome Images is full of beautiful, informative and useful images for their classes. Impressed by… Continue reading

  • A dissertation by any other name…


    The Wellcome Library possesses a rare collection of early medical student dissertations, acquired from the Medical Society of London in 1984. Access was by handwritten card catalogue for many years, but we are now adding records to the online catalogues.… Continue reading

  • A medical student meets the history of medicine


    The Wellcome Library and the Society of Apothecaries jointly organise a mini-course introducing medical students to the History of Medicine through lectures and tours.  Here offering her thoughts on the recent three-day course, is Vaish Dandavate, a first year medical… Continue reading

  • The Education of Helen Keller


    Helen Keller is arguably the most famous disabled person in history. Her extraordinary achievements despite losing both sight and hearing at the age of just 19 months have been the subject of numerous films and books. However, not everyone was… Continue reading

  • History of Healthcare Curriculum for Excellence Resource


    In the following post, Dr Emma Newlands (Lecturer, University of Strathclyde) discusses the creation of a history of medicine web resource aimed at schools in Scotland.   The History of Health and Healthcare Curriculum for Excellence Resource is a web resource… Continue reading

  • The Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (1914-1989)


    Almost 40 boxes of additional records of the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science (WA/MMS) have recently been transferred from storage and are now catalogued and available to researchers in the Wellcome Library. The idea for this ‘teaching museum’ was first… Continue reading

  • William Moon and Moon Type


    Today is the 130th anniversary of the birth of Helen Keller, the American author and activist. We could write an ‘Item of the Month’ post on the holdings in the Wellcome Library on this fascinating woman, but have decided to… Continue reading